Jalen Ramsey is Now a Los Angeles Ram

Douglas DeFelice - USA Today Sports

Somebody did it. They offered the Jaguars the pair of first round draft picks they were looking for:

Confirmed by Ian Rapoport and others.

Gut reaction? Two firsts and a fourth is a pretty steep price to pay. That does not feel like a Howie Roseman type of deal and I’d be shocked if he ever made an offer like that. But the truth is that your first round pick in 2020 or 2021 ain’t gonna be as good as Jalen Ramsey, right? Sometimes you just gotta #DoTheDeal. You gotta give up big assets to get big players.

Denver’s Chris Harris looks like the next best target out there if the Eagles make their typical midseason move (Golden Tate last year, Jay Ajayi in 2017).

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18 Responses

        1. Ingy’s banned for racism but Mikey Meatball and Martinez are still employed for blatant racism and culture appropriation with Dwanye from Swedesboro. Don’t worry, the day is rapidly approaching where these liberal media hacks won’t be safe to walk down the street

          1. Little mikey sent emails to a listener using all sorts of h0m0phobic slurs. But when you’re a liberal it’s always “do as I say, not as I do”

  1. Good thing you’re not in the front office, “expert”.

    No doubt you were among the same halfwifts that were all in with Chip Kelly and wanted to #dothedeal for Marcus Mariota and throw three first round picks AND Fletcher Cox away for a garbage qb.

    Yes, “expert”, let’s toss away multiple firsts for a me-first guy only motivated by money. What could go wrong!


      1. Oh “expert”, did we strike a nerve there?

        By the way, funny how crossing broad took comments away for a short time only to reinstate them.

        But I thought people were here for the “content” ? And that the commenters made up such a small percentage of business that it would actually be great to get rid of them?

        Very interesting, “expert”, very interesting!

          1. Oh look at how clever you are, “expert”!

            Just when we think you can’t get more “revolutionary” editing people’s comments, you have once again truly outdone yourself, posting with someone’s screen name!

            That way, it looks like they said it, and they’ll look silly!

            That $30,000 your do-nothing boss pays you to do grunt work truly isn’t enough.

  2. Seems like the rams are always trading away first round picks .
    Howie should Just stand pat. Eagles aren’t going anywhere this year. Too many holes . Howie’s poor drafts killed the birds .

  3. I mean unless you are confident you can immediately ink a long term deal with Ramsey this seems like way too much for a rental. Glad we didn’t give up those picks.

  4. I don’t listen to Missanelli, got tired of his politics years ago, but I do laugh my ass off at some of the things I read about him here. 😂

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