Jason Myrtetus is Out at 97.5 the Fanatic

From him:

Jason had been with 97.5 for some time, having come over from CBS Radio back in the day. He previously worked as Assistant Program Director, Mike Missanelli’s producer, and a co-host alongside Harry Mayes before Anthony Gargano moved from the morning shift to midday.

I don’t see any other tweets or announcements out there regarding more Fanatic moves, but I’ll update as necessary.

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55 Responses

      1. One of the better moves, 97.5 has made in years. He was such a phony, who only cared about stinkin hockey.

    1. Gargano will never make it alone he is BAD real BAD he was alone on wip too and couldnt make it sorry to hear that Jason is leaving he was one of the good ones on sports talk radio

    2. Jason,
      Not sure if you’ll read this but if you do…thank you Jason. I’m sure you may not remember me but I met you many years ago at an penn state tailgate drinking cold ones . I told you I was going through a tough divorce at the time and that you had helped me to get through it. You told me to keep my head up and stay strong. And no what, because of you I did! I will never forget those words. Thank you once again Mr. Myrtetus thank you.

    3. Anthony Gargano sucks his antics are old and boring I stopped listening to WIP when he was there and hated when they hired him on the fan. Definitely let go of the wrong guy, I’ll stop listen to those 4 hours now

  1. The entire station was a Dumpster fire and now it’s just a bunch of has beens riding the Now-Failing-Around-The-World PC agenda into the ground.

    It would be funny if it was so fucking sad. – John from Manayunk

  2. Jason was a valuable asset to the Fanatic. It’ll be interesting to see if any more of the on-air talent is moved. Regardless of any opinions a listener may have about any hosts, losing a job is horrible. Jason invited so many people into his life with stories about his kids, family, and West Chester roots. He was very good at his job and I enjoyed the contrast between he and Mike, the chemistry with Harry, and I’ve enjoyed his recent time with Anthony. Hopefully we’ll hear him again on WIP, 97.3, or another platform.

  3. Saw Taryn Hatcher at the flyers pens game the other night ,
    I would let her, in fact beg her, to piss in my eyes while I fingered my own asshole

  4. Best move ever. Jason was a tool. He was clueless on 3 sports and Anthony had to carry his ass. You could tell Mike and Anthony didn’t like him. Half the callers didn’t even like him.

    1. He was horrible. Along with his dead Delco voice. Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass.

  5. Anytime I listened to their show it seemed like they never developed any chemistry. Gargano always talked over him, was condescending and generally seemed like he didn’t care or value Jason’s opinions. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

    1. That’s because the Cuz is an ass who thinks he knows everything. Spoiler: he doesn’t.

    2. Completely agree. It was tough to listen to when Anthony would ignore everything Jason said. It was not a good duo. Poor Jason.

    1. The morning show needs to be broken up so seeing Jamie in that position may make sense financially for the station – as he may be cheaper – and he has a strong bond with Anthony which translates well over the air.

      I know in my previous comment I mentioned it’s horrible to see someone lose their job, and I stand by that, but the morning show simply has too many people in the booth. So perhaps they lean out that cast and move some of them elsewhere starting with Jason’s slot.

  6. Who the hell is going to replace Jason? This is so stupid. He is a legend and had so many legendary bits. Good luck Jason. We love you.

  7. Jason and Gargano NEVER had chemistry. Jason was too nice of a guy, he agreed with everything that Gargano said. Jason doesn’t want to talk about the Sixers. You could tell Gargano hated working with him. Anyone listen or watch the Fanatic anniversary? Mikey Miss couldn’t even look Jason in the eyes. Gargano and Mikey Miss treated him like low level democrat. Farzy and Tre should be next to go.

  8. The whole station stinks! Gargano doesn’t play well with others, we all know this. I don’t get to listen to many of either stations’ midday shows, but from the little i heard of Cuz’s show, he had zero chemistry with Myrtetus. It’s not Jason’s fault, the cuz’s pompous ego won’t allow him to listen to anyone else as he just talks over everyone else. His phony act wore thin years ago, but wokeannelli keeps his bud employed. The only show that is worse than Cuz’s is the morning show on 97.5. It is possibly the worst show ever produced in philly sports radio history. Complete amateur hour.

        1. Because Nat is there to agree with everything Mikey says. And her low cut tops work well.
          Natalie probably not there long term. Her star is expanding other places, she will don’t Mikey

  9. Loved Jason, His fights with mikey miss were legendary, he at one point was silenced by the station Over mikey miss bashing hockey.

    Mays and Jason were an amazing tandem, Garage and Jason got much better but never truly clicked.

      1. Myrtetus brought this on himself by being a disingenuous little hockey wiesel, that hated talking about the other 3 sports (especially the Sixers) and would take at shots them, every chance he got.

  10. Serves you right you prick. Remember a number of years ago when “The Great One”, Mark Levin schooled that dlldo missanelli and you came to missanellis defense because you were his producer. But in reality you were just a know nothing loser. How did he still have a job at that woke station after the Tyrone from swedesboro bit? Hey if you’re looking for a higher paying job, crossing broad is hiring for 30K a year d0uchebag. F Jackie

  11. Kyle acts like he knows stuff. Just ask him what happened. He probably wears blue shirts with white collars. He knows.

  12. Thank GOD! I couldn’t stand listening to him OR Anthony. Jason was pompous on the radio and the same out in public.

  13. So that leaves Devon Givens as the only host on 97.5 that is listenable. What a garbage lineup for the rest of the day.

    1. Myrtetus was not listenable that’s bullshit the guy didn’t even know the rules of the other 3 sports he was supposed to follow. HE”S ON A FUCKING SPORTS STATION!!! How can anyone defend this ass clown who was STEALING money. He should never get a job in radio ever again.

    2. Haha Devon listenable? His show is like when a grade schooler needs to reach a word limit and repeats the same shit over and over again in order to get there. Waaaaaaay too wordy and redundant.

  14. I can’t believe people are defending JASON just cause they hate Gargano. News flash idiots, they can BOTH SUCK. Jason was the worst. You can’t tell me you listened to him and thought, hey that guy knows about a lot of different sports. He didn’t he was an ASSHAT, and you saw his ASSHAT side come out if you tried to disagree about HOCKEY he would start calling you names. Well now he’ll sucking SPIKE ESKINS ball sack to get a job back at WIP. hahaha

  15. Why does anyone listen to Philly sports talk radio anyway? It’s the worst. Get Sirius people

  16. Jason and Harry were great together. Harry is with that dope Eytan Shander in his basement and Jason is out of work. The morning show is unlistenable. It is now Anthony and his two minions. Mikey Smuganelli and Tyrone and Natalie work well together. Other than Ray Didinger and Glen Macnow on Sat and Sun morn and Howeird Eskin on Sat morn the Mon to Fri WIP lineup blows. Philly sports talk radio is in a sad state.

  17. Sorry to see Jason was “laid off” from 97.5….His impressions of Joe DeCamara were priceless..He had to stop doing them after 97.5 whacked Joe back in 2016. I listen to 97.5 on the morning/evening commutes so I didn’t listen to Jason and Ant together very often. I figure the “Big Lithuanian” will be his fill in short term.

  18. I was surprised when they actually moved him from producer to host. He was just “ok” when talking about hockey.. he was lacking on everything else. I dont know how the “Cuz” continues to survive. His Shtick wore out years ago. Time to move on from the Cuz. On another note, whatever happened to “Phil from Mount Airy”? He was knowledgeable about football anyway and seemed to be improving when all of sudden he was gone.

  19. The fat slab head cuz ( term he stole from the north side of broad street ) needs to go, the hockey mountain troll was first, now the “cuz” count down is on.

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