Jim Salisbury: No Phillies “Announcement or Resolution” Today

Photo credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re one of the Phillies fans waiting anxiously for Gabe Kapler and/or Matt Klentak or Andy MacPhail or anybody else down at Citizens Bank Park to be fired, you’re gonna have to wait:

It is intriguing, unless you think the Phils are just dragging this thing out and should say something, anything, regarding the current coaching and front office situation. That seemed to be reflected in the responses to Salisbury’s tweet, among them:

-Why wait so long? The longer this debacle drags – the less the fans will respect or have ANY confidence in this front office whatsoever.

-Why does this organization have to make everything so hard? The season ended 3 days ago. Everyone else fired their managers right away. We’re now 3 days behind those other teams in looking for a real manager. For phucks sake.

-This is absurd, and speaks volumes to the state of the franchise

– Hopefully the owner has decided to clean house and devising a plan and doing his homework on how to proceed forward without any of his top personnel

– FUCK FUCK FUCK!!’ Clean House!!!

Just a fan sampling right there, but you can sense that people are getting itchy, like Judge Smails in Caddyshack:



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  1. I’d imagine that if just the manager’s job was on the line, we’d have heard something immediately one way or the other. The delay tells me Middleton is very strongly considering cleaning house higher up the chain too, probably figuring that the next prez/GM would want a direct say in choosing the new manager. Problem is that by the time you hire new execs and give them a chance to settle in, several potential top managers will be off the board.

  2. maybe he thought he would hand the keys over to Joe Maddon…
    and then the angels jumped in and now he has to save face..

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