Lane Johnson Suggests that Players Have Been Late to Meetings and Practices

Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports


Here’s Lane Johnson last night after that pathetic loss, explaining where the Birds go from here. He alludes to the idea that players have been cutting corners and showing a lack of accountability during the week:

“Little stuff that slides during the week.”

Yeah, not good. Gotta snuff that out. Need Doug Pederson to put a foot up somebody’s ass.

Here’s another Johnson clip, this one with Derrick Gunn, that goes into some more detail:


“I think it’s our team not jelling together when it comes to schemes and execution. We knew kind of what Dallas was gonna do, and ultimately they do a lot of slanting and twisting in the front and we didn’t do a good enough job of picking that up. Ultimately, no chunk plays, no big plays down the field to get the momentum turned, and that’s costly.”

I’ve been in situations like this before. Eyeballs will be on you, you will be heavily evaluated, your attitude, your presence, how you work, how you practice. Really, that’s gonna go for everybody.”

Should be a fun week!

Good morning.

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14 Responses

  1. Doug Pderson is Mike McCarthy 2.0. Caught lightening in a bottle and now we’re going to be stuck with him for 10 years.

  2. Eagles defense are the perfect cure for a slump !!
    We dem boys !!!

    Cowboys =Linebacker country

    Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott touchdown!!!!!!!

    1. Aww hells yea baby! We still dem boyz!!!

      How u feeling baby? U want me to suck u off???

      Mhmm give me some d !!

      Dick me down!!!!

  3. Best part of the game was Al Michaels bragging about his hockey playing big nosed grandson named Cohen in the fourth quarter.

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