NBA vs. China Debacle: Fans Were Also Ejected from the Wizards’ Arena

Brad Mills - USA Today Sports

Tuesday night, a pair of Sixers fans were kicked out of the Wells Fargo Center during the preseason matchup against China’s Guangzhou Loong Lions. Sam Wachs and his wife sat about five rows behind the visitors’ bench, holding signs that said “Free Hong Kong,” and found themselves getting the boot during the game’s second quarter.

In a statement, both the Sixers and the WFC (run by Comcast-Spectacor), explained that the couple were issued warnings for their “disruptive behavior” before tossing them from the arena.

Guangzhou continued their U.S. tour with a trip to Washington last night, where the fallout from the NBA’s China debacle continued.

These guys had their sign taken:


Two guys with a Tibet flag were also tossed.

Here’s that video clip:

And unlike the Philly game, protesters gathered outside of the Capital One Arena this time around.

Via Time:

The Wizards beat the Guangzhou Long-Lions 137-98 in a game that included more than a half-dozen protests inside Capital One Arena over the NBA’s ongoing rift with the Chinese government.

Protesters handed out “Free Hong Kong” T-shirts on the street outside the arena before the exhibition game. The protesters, who said they were from Freedom House, held up signs reading, “Shame the NBA,” ”South Park was right” and “Memo to the NBA: Principles over profit! No censorship! USA loves Hong Kong.”

In China proper, the Nets/Lakers exhibition game did end up taking place, though China shut down media access to players in addition to removing signage promoting the contest. The game reportedly was not shown on TV, replaced instead with a soccer broadcast. That turn of events incurred the wrath of the “shut up and dribble” crowd, who pointed out that most NBA players have declined to speak on the China situation despite turning down invitations to the White House for political reasons, and/or openly speaking on American socio-political issues in the past. It’s “hypocrisy” and whatnot, according to people like Clay Travis, who offered this take on the Philly ejections:

Indeed, it’s pretty wild, as I type this from a computer made in China while wearing a pair of pants stitched in Vietnam.

Fascinating story though. Commissioner Adam Silver didn’t exactly apologize to China for Daryl Morey’s tweet, so we’ll see what happens next.

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6 Responses

  1. Clay Travis. The guy who doesn’t “stick to sports”, but owes at least some of his popularity to the fact that he rips ESPN for not sticking to sports. That being said, he’s right about this issue and kudos to him for calling out cowards and hypocrites like Kerr and Popvich.

  2. Angry conservative dudes don’t want to talk about Trump getting impeached. So they have all latched on to this Hong Kong story. They didn’t even known the protests were happening until a week ago. But now all of a sudden all they can talk about are the protests. Even though they have no idea what the protests are about.

    1. No, we are tired of talking about yet another failed coup attempt by unelected bureaucrats. Hes not getting impeached, its as simple as that. We have moved on.

      1. You know that you can’t defend Trump and his attempts to use a foreign power to dig up dirt on a political rival. You totally know that you can’t defend Trump turning his back on the Kurds. So instead you attack Steve Kerr, Pop and the NBA.. It is all you have right now.

  3. I wish a local professional sports team played last night….

    I wish it was a home opener for the team…..

    I wish it was against a division rival (who has a former, well liked and well respected , teammate who got a standing ovation)….

    I wish that 3 players we gave contracts to this off season (2 resigns and 1 free agent ) scored

    I wish we had a 21 year old stud player recorded a shutout in the game…

    But according to this site.. we didn’t we have a has been team that has not won a playoff series since 2001 (who cares) we have a league that is interested only in money and is trying to stop political statements (wow that is really new stuff) And now we have a college basketball team that is not a favorite in the preseason poll.. (in october) seriously?

    talk about useless reporting…..

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