Orlando Scandrick Went on Undisputed and Ripped the Eagles

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Orlando Scandrick was released by the Eagles after the Dallas loss.

Today he went on Undisputed and just shredded the Birds, taking shots at Howie Roseman, Malcolm Jenkins, and Lane Johnson.

Get a load of this:

Some notes:

  • he was “very surprised” the Eagles let him go
  • the release felt sort of “scapegoat-ish” to him
  • some guys haven’t gotten over the Super Bowl victory

Scandrick said:

“I don’t believe anything that (Howie) Roseman says. Howie is one of those people who told me that if it was raining outside I’d probably get some shorts, just in case. He put it to me as he wanted to play some younger players, and they’re a mess on defense and they need to see some more defensive linemen and we’ll see how that works for them up in Buffalo.”

That locker room is different. I still feel like they’re living on that Super Bowl high. It’s over. You’re living in the past.”

He also talked about Lane Johnson’s accountability comments and said that Johnson should have handled that by talking to the player(s) who were late for practice or meetings instead of going to the media. On the defensive side of the ball, he thinks there are some “selfish people,” noting that Rasul Douglas took heat for mistakes that were not his own. Then he proceeded to shade the shit out of Malcolm Jenkins, saying this:

“When you wear the C on your jersey, it’s your job to bring guys along. It’s your job to sometimes you need to take the hard down, you need to take the hard job, and you need to bring the thing together. I don’t know if that’s the case. You hold out for a contract, you come in, you’re not really making any play, like splash plays. Then you go down to Minnesota and you’re somehow supposed to be in the half of the field and you end up playing a crosser. That’s not a rookie we’re talking about here. That’s a two-time Super Bowl champ.”

Here’s what he said about Carson Wentz:

“I love Carson, I thought he was a great guy, I thought he was stand up. I thought he was, I am going to compare him to (Dak Prescott). I spent a lot of time with both of them. Dak, natural born, first one in the building, last one out, doing extra things. Carson? If you go back to earlier in the season, they dropped a few passes – now they want to stay after practice and catch some extra passes. That is adversity right? How do you handle success, when you rip off a few games, is everyone getting in at 7:15 and leaving at 6:14? I think they are dealing with that right now. That success is really, really hurting them right now.”

Watch that entire clip and tell me what you think. Seems like the guy is certainly bitter, and maybe he’s angling for a return to the Cowboys, but his comments do reflect other things we’ve heard before.


Noteworthy from Tim McManus –

I also went back and found the play Scandrick is talking about when he says of Malcolm Jenkins, “you go down to Minnesota and supposed to be in the half of the field and you end up playing a crosser.” That was the play where he took responsibility for blowing his assignment as the single-high safety and when Rasul Douglas was on Stefon Diggs:

Seems weird to bring that play up when Jenkins actually came out and acknowledged that he screwed up, but whatever.


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  1. Lol glad I got my buffalo bet in early this week. Howie needs to blow this team up in the offseason

  2. Sounds like a scorned ex-lover, looking to get even with their ex by airing out the dirty laundry.

  3. This entire segment was purely Skip’s creation to gloat and troll Philly. This is a national show. Does anyone care about Scandrick from a national perspective? Skip is trying make people care and perpetuate these stories to tear the Eagles apart. They don’t need his help, they are doing fine tearing themselves apart. But it isn’t a national story. Just pure Weasel behavior, and he has somehow made a career out of it.

  4. I don’t think there is really anything he said that is really that wrong. yes, he’s a little bitter because he got cut, but really, we all saw Jenkins blow that coverage against the Vikes, we all saw him get trucked by Zeke, we all saw Lane get beat for a strip sack, we all know Howie is a weasel, etc etc. Maybe this is something the Eagles can use as a wake up call, that yeah, maybe we are living in the past, maybe we stopped realizing how hard we had to work to get to that SB, and hopefully, pull together. I think there is a reason that so few teams, especially in the NFC, rarely repeat. Seattle, Carolina, Atlanta, San Fran, Green Bay, NYG, etc. All were great teams who went to, and in some cases won, the Super Bowl, and only Seattle has been back. There is still talent there, still SB winning caliber talent….win a couple in a row and see what happens. Buffalo is decent and surprising looking at their record, but there record is suspect, littered with wins against very bad teams. This week we find out if they are for real or not and/or if the Eagles are a bad as they have looked the past two weeks. Eagles 24 – Buffalo 14!

  5. It started off in the beginning of the season saying eagles were Superbowl bound.
    I love the birds but I don’t want to here that sh!t, bc it’s been said before and the team goes on to play like dogsh!t.
    Remember in the beginning of the season they were calling the wide receivers “DNA” for alshon, Nelly, and desean? We haven’t heard that in a while.
    Look, scandrick can say what he wants. I don’t think he’s being dramatic. He said a lot of stuff that sounds like the truth.
    There’s not one facet of the game that the eagles look to have under control.
    The Packers game is looking more like the fluke game.

  6. It falls on Howie who has had some miserable drafts. Howie is the best wheeler dealer in the league but he can’t evaluate college talent for shit. He deserves praise for getting Carson. Most GM’s could never move up to the second spot in the draft like he did. Still if Howie left tomorrow there would probably be over 20 teams offering him the GM job. Howie should be secure in his position to see if he can find someone who can nail these next two drafts without having to find these mercenary veterans. They need youth that can stay healthy. I don’t want any college players who suffered injuries even if they appear more talent than the next guy.

  7. Sitting on his tiny hands this year and the big get last year was Golden Tate? Cmon bro. Call Mike Miss with this nonsense.

    1. By picking up veterans. You know how hard it is to pull that off by basically getting players to make up for both Chip and his crappy drafts. It’s never been done. This isn’t baseball where you can buy a World Series like the Marlins did.

      1. why would anyone call mike miss? like you need him to validate your opinion or something? gimme a break….

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