Phillies Reportedly Will Interview Dusty Baker and Buck Showalter, Speak With Joe Girardi

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a break from the Eagles.

Let’s get it back to the Phillies, who are reportedly set to interview Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter, and Joe Girardi, according to Jim Salisbury, who tweeted today that the “focus is on experienced candidates.” 

From NBC Sports Philadelphia: 

According to multiple sources, Buck Showalter will interview for the position on Monday. The meeting between Showalter and Phillies officials will take place in the metropolitan New York area, where Showalter is currently working as an analyst for the YES Network.

It is believed that Phillies officials will also speak with Joe Girardi while they are in the New York area on Monday. Girardi lives in that area.

Veteran skipper Dusty Baker is also on the Phillies’ list of candidates, the Chicago Tribune reported Sunday. A source confirmed that and said Baker would interview with the Phillies later this week.


So Baker is 70 years old and last coached the Nationals in 2017. He had a .593 winning percentage there but lost twice in the NLDS to the Cubs and Dodgers.

Showalter, 63, left television to manage the Orioles back in 2010, posting four winning seasons but losing in the ALDS, ALCS, and wild card game. His contract ran out at the end of last October.

Girardi, of course, beat the Phils in the 2009 World Series and was replaced by Aaron Boone at the end of 2017. He’s 55 now, interviewed with the Cubs, and is expected to interview with the Mets.

The reason I listed the age of these guys is because they’re going to be working with 39 year old Matt Klentak, who was retained by the Phils. Do you see Baker, Showalter, and Girardi subscribing to an analytical approach? Or would they just brush it off and manage how they’ve always managed?

Something to think about.

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14 Responses

  1. CORRECTION – they will be working directly with John Middleton. Klentak is an empty suit hanging on the rack at Krass Brothers

  2. I think the new manager will have more of a say/input in what goes on. Given the resumes of those 3 candidates, they have earned it.
    Klentak should be okay with that as this is the only person who can save his job by winning.

  3. Good luck to Dusty, Buck and Joe on their interviews! Make sure to get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast and bring a pen and pad of paper.

    – Kate

  4. AJ HInch ; Aaron Boone; Kevin Cash; Rocco Baldelli; Brian Snitker; Dave Roberts; Mike Shildt; Dave Martinez.

    These are the 8 managers who directed there teams into the final 8 in baseball this year. not one household name among them , not one old, out of baseball ex manager among them, every one of them uses analytics and they are all relatively successful. so what are the Phillies looking at? The complete opposite….unbelievably stupid! I mean, Dusty Baker?

    1. This organization is going to go backwards because it wants to appease fans that are afraid of buzzwords like analytics . Honestly have never seen anything like it. It’s more than embarrassing.

      1. I’m not afraid of analytics. I’m afraid of this band of merry thieves who seem unable to translate analytics into drafting and acquiring players good and smart enough to successfully enact said analytics.

    2. Seems like a good mix. Has managerial experience (including a WS ring), and uses analytics, and hopefully won’t die in the next couple years.

      I can’t believe he’s 55, but he’s not a ton older than Roberts and Boone as their playing careers did overlap.

      1. Agree on Girardi, but Phil’s seem to be third in line behind cubs and mets. You just never know what their going to do (hello hello..spell check please, maybe correct some punctuation while your at it)

        1. Before you call out someone else, make sure you check yourself…

          “correct some punctuation while “YOUR” at it”. Probably should be “YOU’RE”.

  5. Hire Girardi or get a young assistant from one of the teams in the championship series.

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