Report: Joel Embiid Suspended Two Games, No Fine for Ben Simmons

Bill Streicher - USA Today Sports

It was bound to happen. The Wednesday night dustup between Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns has culminated in two-game suspensions for both combatants:

Two games for each seems fair, but one had to wonder if the late-night Twitter spat would exacerbate the potential consequences. Apparently it did:

Of course, it was nice to see that our new submission specialist and future MMA champion Ben Simmons avoided any penalty, due to his “peacemaker” status:

No word on whether Karl-Anthony Towns’ mom, who verbally assaulted Embiid, will face any sanctions.

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  2. Russ can you forward this along to that incel Kinkhead… why no comments on Myrtetus and others being canned from another liberal radio station?

  3. Now that fat gas bag Imbiid has more time to woof down whopper meal deals and get even fatter and slower.
    Expect even more excuses when the sixers fail to win a champion for the umpteenth year in a row………

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