Sixers Kicks: Game 1 v. Boston

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Welcome to our new series, Sixers Kicks here on CrossingBroad dot com, one that was the brainchild of our Under Armour-loving founder, who once claimed the aforementioned company was already the second-most-popular sneaker company on planet Earth:

Yeah, about that. Anyway, let’s take a look at what the stars of your team, your town, your Philadelphia 76ers wore on Wednesday night:

Ben Simmons: Nike Zoom Rize

A light color palette sets the tone for Simmons’ season. The green area represents his safe zone around the hoop, the white is indicative of his unwillingness to pull up from midrange, and the red, of course, is the no-fly zone: the dreaded three point arc.

Josh Richardson: Reebok Question Mid “Double Cross”

I’m a bit torn on these. It’s clearly an homage to the first shoes Allen Iverson took the court wearing 25 years ago, but I think the aesthetic depends entirely on the person wearing them. You’re drunk uncle on Thanksgiving? No. Josh Richardson, NBA player? Yes.

Bonus: Allen Iverson Matches Richardson

Of course he’s rocking the Double Cross. Though, in fairness, he’s old enough to be your uncle.

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14 Responses

  1. Flyers fans (led by 97.5 the fanatic host Jason Myrtetus) are not going to like so much attention being paid to the Sixers over their perennial 8th seed flyers and as a result... says:

    97.5 the fanatic mid-day host Jason Myrtetus(who resents the fact Sixers basketball is more popular than Flyers hockey)will go out of his way and avoid talking Sixers basketball.

  2. We can not wait for 10am and the Cuz!!!!
    Can’t wait for his recap. Cuz gets us so pumped for the sixers!!!

    We all love him so much!!

  3. I hope Cuz doesn’t have a hoarseness sound to his voice today. Can only imagine all the beers and cigs he was enjoying last night celebrating that Celtics ass beating . Love the cuz

  4. First thing up about game 1 isn’t a game summary, but a SHOE summary? Get this garbage out of here.

  5. That opening sentence in journalism gold!

    Whenever introducing a new column, always make sure you start with an awkwardly worded sentence regarding an inside joke. It really brings people in. And the first visual is a stock quote! Really lets the reader know the post is about sneakers.

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