“That’s a Dumb Question,” Says Annoyed Ben Simmons, Who Needs to Handle the Media Better

via Youtube (The Painted Lines)

Didn’t make it down to Sixers camp yesterday, but you might have seen this clip floating around on Twitter.

It’s Ben Simmons in a scrum with reporters, when Jack McCaffery of the Delco Times asks him about shooting three pointers in practice:

Jack’s first question is cut off in that clip, but it goes like this:

“Have you been getting any three point looks open in practice and are you satisfied with your opportunities to take them?”

Totally reasonable question. There’s nothing at all wrong with that.

Here’s Ben’s response to the question:

“Yeah, I’ve had shots.”

That’s the four-word answer that continues with the exchange you see above in the John Clark snippet.

So two thoughts here:

  1. Ben Simmons DOES come off sounding like a dick when talking about his jump shot.
  2. There is too much media availability in the NBA, which results in players becoming annoyed because they’re repeatedly asked the same questions over and over again.

I’ll elaborate on point #2 first:

For context, this was the third time Ben Simmons had to speak with reporters this week. He spoke Monday during media day, he spoke Tuesday on the first day of camp, and then spoke Thursday on the third day of camp. So that’s one podium session of about 10 minutes and two five minute post-practice scrums. 20 Minutes overall does not seem like it’s too much to ask, but when a guy has to speak with reporters three times in four days, it just dilutes the quality of questions and answers.


Because sometimes less is more. I’m a believer that coaches and players give us better answers when they don’t see us as frequently, because you can build up a fatigue from having to stand in front of cameras and face repetitive questions day-in and day-out. My personal preference would be to speak to Ben Simmons twice a week for 25 minutes each vs. five times at 10 minutes each. That might sound strange, but you’re still getting 50 minutes total, and I think he’d be inclined to give better, more thoughtful answers when not having to talk to us every day.

Just personal preference, and it’s a philosophical thing. I’m not advocating for LESS availability, I just think it benefits us to organize it in a different way.

Finally, to point #1:

Ben has to get over himself. Your jump shot is a big deal. You are going to be asked about it until you actually take and make a three-pointer or mid-range jump shot in a game. Either just bullshit your way through these questions with diplomatic non-answers, or show up to tomorrow’s scrimmage in Wilmington and start firing from downtown. You yourself can make the “dumb questions” go away.

In conclusion:

  1. Jack’s question was perfectly fine
  2. I completely understand why Ben is annoyed
  3. He can, however, make himself look better in front of the media

Happy Friday.

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10 Responses

    1. Go to your bedroom dope! I have a married woman in Pottstown to send flowers to so her husband will Oj Simpson her! ya dope!

  1. Why does he have to handle the media better? What possible impact can the media have on him personally? There’s a case to be made that athletes who “handle the media” in a fashion the media finds poor, but the public finds entertaining, actually increase their popularity, appeal and marketability. He doesn’t “have” to do anything, how he handles the fans and teammates is way more important to his personal success. Athletes are never happy with the way the media portrays them, if they are they don’t speak about it. Most of the time they’re unhappy with media treatment. Fans are always left unsatisfied with the media’s questioning of coaches, gm’s, athletes. How long before each interview, press conference or post game show is just those same team representatives answering tweets? Learn to code…

    1. Because it’s an extension of his attitude and his personality. Some people see these scrums and think he comes across looking petulant and bratty.

      I personally don’t care, like I’m not “offended” as a media member when he gives us four-word answers. It’s not like we’re out here uncovering Russian collusion, we’re just writing about sports. Most of us do not have the level of self-importance that y’all think we do (thanks Donald Trump). Some people think the “big bad media” is out to get Ben Simmons, which I don’t think is true.

      1. So how he reacts to the media is an extension of his overall attitude and personality? How is that a certainty?
        Honestly, what favors has the media done for him in his time here?
        Perhaps he’s a perfectly happy well adjusted millionaire all star that just dislikes the media. I’m sure he’s a bit oversensitive to the shooting line of questioning coming into this season, he definitely overreacted, big deal.

  2. Burger King. Was he wearing a mink coat when he asked the question.

  3. Ben will be a Superstar this year just ask his moron coach Brett Brown. Hey Ben, you will NEVER win a ring as long as this bumb coach is coaching ya.

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