The Eagles Just Ruined Orlando Scandrick

orlando scandrick eagles twitter

Orlando Scandrick, who poured dirt on the Eagles today ostensibly as part of his bid to be a talking head, notably called out Malcolm Jenkins for his lack of leadership today.

You’ve likely read about it.

Seems the Eagles (and social media wiz Samantha Wood) did, too.

Here’s their Tweet, which depicts Scandrick complimenting Jenkins on just that– his leadership skills:

The Eagles have won this fight. Lost the last two battles. But won the fight.

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12 Responses

  1. When the only way you think you can win is through social media pissing contests…what a sad sack season this has become.

    1. Kyle is such an asshole too.

      This Eagles team is full of assholes who think they’re way better than they are. A bunch of sensitive little pussies starting with their QB.

      Bills by 20.

  2. Embiid better not play Saturday with that ankle.

    I f Simmons, Horford, Richardson, and Harris cant beat the Pistons on their own, then this whole venture is pointless anyways.

  3. Great, the Eagles house is burning down and they saved the fish bowl. It wasn’t just Scandrick saying there are issues in the locker. But he’s the one out the door so he is the easy target.

  4. Answer: What word does Kyle the Klown use in each of his posts?

    This site ostensibly blows. If an overweight slob has a post about European soccer by 8a Saturday, than this site conclusively blows.

    Anything from Bob the Mush Wankel?

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