As of 12:35 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, Rasul Douglas, Craig James, and Orlando Scandrick are the Eagles’ healthy cornerbacks.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that they’ll square off Sunday against a New York Jets squad averaging just 197 yards per game, a number that places them dead last in the NFL in total offense.

It’s a number worse than even the Miami Dolphins, who are truly pitiful but at least putting up 173 yards through the air and 52 on the ground each game. The Jets, quarterbacked this season by Luke Falk and pre-mono Sam Darnold, can’t even crest 200 total.

For context, here’s where Adam Gase’s team currently ranks league-wide:

  • total offense: 197 yards per game (32nd)
  • passing yards: 131 per game (32nd)
  • yards per pass: 5 (32nd)
  • rushing yards: 65.7 per game (28th)
  • yards per rush: 3 (30th)
  • points per game: 11 (31st)
  • touchdowns: 4 (31st)
  • sacks allowed: 13 (27th)
  • QB hits allowed: 23 (21st)
  • total plays: 172 (32nd)
  • first downs: 12 per game (32nd)
  • third down rate: 21% (32nd)

One area, probably the only area where they actually do well is protecting the football. They’ve only coughed the ball up three times this year, which is 5th best in the league. That can certainly be attributed partially to their horrendous time of possession numbers, since they really aren’t moving the sticks or creating drives that result in a higher volume of plays. Additionally, they only have 25 penalties this year, which is a top ten number, so they aren’t killing themselves even further with unnecessary whistles.

So what’s the deal with Sam Darnold and his spleen anyway?

A couple of practice updates:

Hmm… we shall see. Darnold was alright in the season opener, a game in which he went 28-41 for 175 yards and a touchdown before the Jets blew a 16-0 home lead to Buffalo. They couldn’t do much vertically in the passing game and benefited from four Bills turnovers, one of which was a C.J. Mosley pick-six.

So make no mistake; this is a perfect game at a perfect time for the Eagles. Even if Darnold does come back to play in this one, he’s not exactly going to be in form. The Birds are at home, they’re coming off a big win and nine days’ rest, and these are the type of games in 2017 where they would successfully shut down opposing offenses and make them one-dimensional.

New York is a really good defensive team, but their offense is appalling. Eventually that early resistance will fade as the Eagles go on to win 27-10.