The Philadelphia Inquirer is Offering a $2 for Two Months Deal

The Inquirer, as you know, is exiting another round of buyouts and layoffs with some general restructuring of business practices.

Last week it was revealed that their content will start appearing on Facebook, a $500,000 deal that’s part of Mark Zuckerberg’s revamped approach to news. And earlier this year, in August, the Inquirer was offering a limited time six dollar deal that got you six months of digital access.

There’s a new deal now available for all of y’all:

Lauber’s link appears to be broken, so I went over there to check out the subscriptions and see what was available. This is what came up when I clicked the “unlimited access” button on the top right of the website:

Hmm… 99 cents for a month is a fantastic introductory rate, but it’s not the $2 for two months offer.

I did, however, find some other folks sharing links similar to what Lauber was using. Managing Editor Pat McLoone shared the promotion, which took me to a page that looks like this:

There it is. Two dollars for two months, which gets you this:

  • $2 for the first 2 months
  • $3.50 per week thereafter (charged $14.00 every 4 weeks)
  • Unlimited Digital Access to The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News Replica editions
  • Automatic subscription to Morning Newsletter and Insider Email
  • Improved browsing experience
  • Automatically renews at the same rate, unless we notify you in advance
  • Cancel anytime

Looks like a decent offer. If you wanted to subscribe right now and then cancel at the end of the Sixers season, just as an arbitrary type of timeline, you’d pay about $72. I pay $7.99 a month for The Athletic, for comparison, but the $14 a month gets you all of the Inquirer and Daily News feature/news/opinion stuff in addition to sports.

Anyway, interesting to see how the Inquirer is approaching their subscription models after doing another round of internal shuffling.

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  1. If I pay the $2 do I get to copy and paste an unlimited amount of their stories to my blog? Asking for a lazy friend.

  2. would never pay for this liberal rag…..once you go liberal you basically align with the deadbeats of the city so of course they cant afford $1 for a paper…….can’t wait til this liberal piece of garbage folds…..

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