How to Get Cheapest Flyers Tickets for 2019-20 season

Hockey season is underway and the Flyers are prepping for their first game abroad in the Czech Republic as they face the Chicago Blackhawks in Prague on Friday. Unless you’re planning on hopping on a plane in the next 24 hours, it’s probably a good time to look for tickets to one of the Flyers’ first home games. But how will you know if you’ve found the best deal? According to TicketIQ, the key is to shop around, both on the secondary market as well as from the team directly to find unsold face value tickets. As they explain in their season preview:

Like most other teams, the Flyers use dynamic pricing, charging variable amounts depending on the quality of each game. For marquee match-ups, such as divisional clashes against the New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins, primary market seats range from $89 to $258; for a lesser game, prices range from $42 to $121. Currently, even the most desirable games have unsold face value tickets available in many sections. For sold out seats, the Secondary market is the best option, and for most games, the lower level is mostly sold out. For lower rows in the 200-level, the secondary market also has the most availability.

The home opener on October 9 against the Devils has sold out tickets via TicketIQ, and also tickets still available directly from the Flyers. For the opener, there are lots of unsold face value Club Seats available directly, starting from $190, with the cheapest face value seat going for $62 in section 219. For 2019, the team has also introduced a $25 standing room only tickets, which are sold out for the opener, but are available for most of the other games. Buying directly from the team is the best way to get SRO tickets.

While the Flyers have more tickets available to sell direct to fans than ever, for most games they’ve only got a few hundred seats to sell compared to about 2,000 on the secondary market, so for this season, it’s more important than ever to shop around.

MatchupDateAvg PriceGet-in Price
New York Rangers at Philadelphia FlyersFeb 28th '20
7:00 pm
Detroit Red Wings at Philadelphia FlyersNov 29th '19
4:00 pm
Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia FlyersJan 21st '20
7:00 pm
Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia FlyersNov 2nd '19
7:00 pm
New York Rangers at Philadelphia FlyersDec 23rd '19
7:00 pm
Dallas Stars at Philadelphia FlyersOct 19th '19
7:00 pm
Tampa Bay Lightning at Philadelphia FlyersJan 11th '20
7:00 pm
Washington Capitals at Philadelphia FlyersJan 8th '20
7:30 pm
New York Islanders at Philadelphia FlyersNov 16th '19
7:00 pm
Calgary Flames at Philadelphia FlyersNov 23rd '19
1:00 pm

As of writing, TicketiQ can get you into the opening game for as low as $79 each for 1-3 or 5 tickets in section 219, while the average price for seats to that game are going for $124 on the secondary market. The good news, however, is that this season marks the lowest average ticket price at $103, which is down 37.2% from a season ago when the average ticket price was a nine-season-high $164.

SeasonHome Average

So why TicketiQ, you ask? TicketiQ offers the lowest price on the secondary market and they’re willing to back it up. Tickets with a “Low Price Guarantee” are the cheapest on the secondary market, or they’ll beat the difference by 200%. Check out their deals for Flyers tickets today.

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