Youth Football Coach Could be Fined for Scoring Too Many Points

via NBC 10

Ridiculous story!

Ed Rendell would say we’re becoming a “nation of wusses,” and he’s probably right. The gist of this nonsense is that a local youth football coach could be facing a $500 fine because his team scored too many points in a game. And the plot twist is that the coach in question is Torrey Smith’s brother-in-law.

Details via NBC 10:

Kyle Williams told NBC10 he knew he was dangerously close to breaking the rules Saturday morning when his youth football team, the Conshohocken Golden Bears, went up 30 to 0. The rules of the Keystone Sports League, which features kids no older than 7 years of age, prevent a team from going up by more than 30 points.

“Less than two minutes left I called a timeout because I wanted to pull the starters off the field,” Williams said. “I put kids in there who normally never played.”

When one of the second stringers, a 5-year-old boy, got the ball he ran toward the end zone as Williams ran along the sideline and repeatedly yelled for him to fall down. The boy still scored however, putting the team up 36 to 0.

Now Williams is facing a possible $500 fine and a 2-game suspension.

“I have three sons,” Williams said. “I’m not gonna tell my son, especially if he’s running the ball, ‘Don’t go out there and give it your all.'”


  1. Outrageous rule in general. Nobody should be fined a single dollar because their team went out and beat another team by too many points. It’s not like Kyle Williams was winning 63-0 and sent out the field goal unit.
  2. Williams has “starters”  and second stringers in pee wee football? Shouldn’t every kid should be on the field at that age, regardless of whether they’re good or not? That seems a little weird to me.
  3. He’s absolutely right with that last quote. How are you gonna tell a kid to not play his or her hardest? That’s antithetical to everything that young American kids should be taught.

What say you?

I agree with pretty much everything Torrey says:

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15 Responses

    1. Why wasn’t a mercy rule already in place then? I guarantee it was the losing team’s parents generating this outrage. By that I mean moms holding $1 extra large Wawa coffees.

    2. What the heck? Tell the opposing coach to get his kids to play better. Do you think this will work in the real world? Hmmm… Microsoft… you played to well… now give Apple some marketshare… YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

  1. Having this rule in youth leagues with older children makes at least SOME sense … football with 3-5 year old kids literally consists of “here, take this ball and run until you get tackled.” … much different then a JV Team airing it out and kicking two-point conversions when they are up by 30pts in the 4th quarter … I hate this society we live in today.

  2. Who really keeps score of a 7 and under football game?!?!? Its a glorified scrimmage at that level. That said, mismatches happen from time to time, and they suck for everyone involved. Nothing mentioned about how deep into the game it was, were they up 28 points in the 1st quarter or the 4th? Huge difference.

  3. With a 30-0 lead, the coach should be punished for leaving his starters in the game until the final 2 minutes!

  4. Please!!!! Give me attention! I’m constantly screaming for some on Twitter! I’m not a real cardiologist btw, can only prescribe meds.

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