Zach Brown Did Not Want to Answer Questions About Kirk Cousins After the Eagles’ Loss

Most sports fans want their athletes to be honest with the media. The prefabricated, rehearsed PR lines become tiresome and redundant to the fans who watch the players and the media who cover them. Sometimes, as in the case of Deshaun Watson, it goes viral in a good way. Sometimes, as linebacker Zach Brown learned, running your mouth as a pro athlete can come back to bite you. After Kirk Cousins picked apart the Eagles’ defense to the tune of 333 yards and 4 touchdowns on 22 of 29 passing, Brown didn’t seem keen on answering questions about his having said earlier in the week that Cousins was “the weakest part” of Minnesota’s offense:

Reporter (Jeff Skversky?): Do you wish maybe you didn’t say what you said about Cousins…

Brown: I’m here to talk about the game, not about that.

Reporter (Les Bowen?): Well that was a big part of it. Cousins…

Brown: Any other questions, besides about Kirk Cousins?

Reporter: How do you think he played today?

Brown: He did a great job today. He played good. Hat’s off to him.

Not a great look.


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  1. Rumor has it the Phillies are considering hiring Wankel as the next manager. They figure since he did such a great job with that high school team in Jersey, he would fit in good with the culture of the Phillie players.

    The job is his on the condition he gives up his gambling spot CB, can’t have another Petey hustle situation

  2. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t answer the question. He attended college and looks extremely intelligent. 🤓

  3. The Cowgirls loss tonight DOES MAKE ME FEEL BETTER and should make us feel better about the Eagles losing
    We are tied for 1st place and will beat Dallas next Sunday . Don’t jump off the bandwagon my bird gang peeps .
    Jalen mills coming back will solve our probs . We good y’all

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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