Brad Lidge Says the Phillies are Going to Throw Some “Sick Money” at Gerrit Cole

Geoff Burke - USA Today Sports

Last year it was stupid money.

This year it’s…. sick money? That’s according to Brad Lidge, who said the following today on MLB Network Radio on Sirius:


It also depends on if the Phillies go out there and land a Gerrit Cole, because that possibility is real. The Phillies are absolutely looking at what it’s gonna take, and they are saying ‘let’s do it, let’s match it, let’s go out there and see if we can land this guy.’ And I know of course the Yankees are in, and we hear that, the Angels, and everybody else, I get it, the Dodgers, fine. But I’m just telling you right now, the Phillies are going to throw out some sick money toward Gerrit Cole, and they could very well end up landing him. If that happens, it changes the division entirely.

Hell yeah man. I’m down. Let’s start throwing some sick money around, then we’re gonna get that fucking trophy back for John Middleton.

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8 Responses

  1. I named my first and only son after Brad Lidge, so as of now, I cannot be swayed from my brand new position that Cole is a Phillie next year.

    1. Counting likely raises and a $20 million a year extension for Realmuto, Phils are about $58 million below salary tax threshold for 2020. (Per Cory Seidman, September 30.) So, whatever…

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