Breaking News Red Alert DEFCON 1: Ben Simmons Just Hit a Three-Pointer in a Real Game

Where were you when Ben Simmons hit his first three-pointer in a regular season NBA game? Not in practice. Not against the Guangzhou Loong Lions. We’re talking about a real game.


I’ve seen enough. November 20th of every year will now be known “Ben Simmons Corner Three Day.” Everybody will get the day off, unless you are essential personnel, like a police officer, firefighter, or triage nurse. The rest of us will spend the day working on a skill that helps us become better at our careers.

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23 Responses

    1. Beyond embarrassing. This pu$$y actually said all his hard work and dedication has paid off….in making ONE 3 point shot?
      This overrated clown is a disgrace to basketball.

  1. nice moment, absolutely ruined by Zumoff’s “hold me back fam”, what a fucking tool. The he follows that gem up with “maybe now they’ll leave him alone” um no dummy, how about Ben actually starts routinely shooting these since it will space the offense for every other player on the floor.

    1. I love white announcers attempting to sound black. You’re lucky enough to be born white, why would you want to sound like one of them?

    1. I can’t wait. The parade they threw for him for making that three in the exhibition game rivaled the Eagles Super Bowl and Phillies World Series parades. What a day!

  2. Anyone know the name/IG of the milf with the milkers who they kept showing dancing on the arena big screen? Asking for a friend.

  3. Not for nothing tho, he’s got an ok looking stroke. Not like the double hitch fultz shot, who might I add, is actually turning things around in orlando

  4. For Bem Simmons Day, I’m going to work on writing original, interesting content instead of copying Twitter!

  5. Dude ruins the game experience live and on TV. Seriously, turn the echo effect off and just say the names like a professional. Also, you’re like 60 years old – cool it with the flat-billed hats and hipster gear. Dress your age.

  6. Where were you when ben was three?

    I was at home eating cheestake when Kevyn post

    ‘ben hit 3’


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