Burner Account Investigation: Nelson Agholor or a Troll?

Bill Streicher - USA Today Sports

Little bit of a stir on Eagles Twitter this morning, when Jessica Towne of the Babes on Broad podcast theorized that wide receiver Nelson Agholor might be operating a burner account.

And while it’s easy to dismiss speculation as just that, I feel like we’re obligated to at least investigate threats of a possible burner account after going through the Barbara Bottini and Bryan Colangelo saga of 2018. We’ve gotta do our fact finding and due diligence.

Here’s what Towne had to say:

Interesting enough. If you to the (@efam33) account, the first Tweet dates back to Monday, November 19th, which is when Agholor deactivated his Instagram account. This account features nothing but pro-Agholor tweets and responses to other people. Among them:

He/she also favorited a “fire Mike Groh immediately” tweet and posted something at 3:13 p.m. on Tuesday, which is when the Eagles would typically be down at NovaCare, though obviously you can schedule tweets if you wanted to be really committed to the act. Also, for what it’s worth, Agholor didn’t participate in Wednesday’s session, so it seems like he’s been on the shelf since banging his knee in the New England loss.

Furthermore, there’s been an epidemic of FAKE BURNER ACCOUNTS going around, which is like something from the movie Inception. We’re talking about multiple layers. Fans did this with Antonio Brown not long ago, creating a false burner and trying to heap more slander on his name while all of that recent nonsense was taking place.

To that point, if you go back to Towne’s tweet, you find a response from this guy, who claims to be the culprit:

Yeah? Is ‘Coach Hal Georgano’ trolling us? Is he lying? You really can’t trust nobody, as Markelle Fultz once said. We’d need Hal to show us video of him logging into the efam33 account and then he’d have to issue a public apology.

Thing about Nelson Agholor is that he seems like a pretty smart guy. He does not seem like the type of dude to deactivate his Instagram, create a burner, and then tweet nothing but pro-Agholor stuff. That’s too obvious. Typically you need to throw some misdirection in there to put people off the trail and keep them guessing.

For that reason, I personally believe that “efam33” is just a troll, though we are all capable of drawing our own conclusions.


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