Charlie Manuel and Larry Bowa Slept Outside Last Night

via Phillies


They did it to raise money and awareness for homeless youth in Philadelphia, as part of the Covenant House “Sleep Out” program.

Eyewitness News did a ‘VO/SOT’ on it this morning, which is fancy industry lingo for “video + sound on tape,” where the anchor reads some copy before cutting to a soundbite:

Here are a couple of photos from John Clark via Phillies VP of Communications Bonnie Clark:

Nice job indeed.


5 Responses

  1. Can only imagine all the smelly walking dead annoying homeless people asking char & lar for money .

  2. Used to have respect for them. Now they are liberal Social Justice types.

    Caring for others or causes that don’t benefit me? These guys suck.

  3. Charlie & Larry should show some balls and visit a nice bar in West or North Philly around midnight. They could sign autographs for all the Homies for charity. I’m sure they would raise a ton of money. Legendary Sonny Hill could provide security.

  4. Maybe they should have offered the vagrants a shower and a job. But, good luck pulling them away from their 40 ouncers and their favorite downtown corner pissing spot.

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