Drew Hanlen Explains What He Worked on With Joel Embiid this Summer

Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Drew Hanlen? Of course you do.

He’s the trainer who worked with Markelle Fultz last offseason. We saw the Instagram videos and all of that. Then the pair had some sort of falling out, with Hanlen tweeting that Fultz was “still not healthy” in November of 2018.

Anyway, Hanlen worked with Joel Embiid this summer, and he recently appeared on the HoopsHype Podcast, saying this, in part:


“We just worked on attacking double-teams, we know that no one can guard him in an isolation situation, so now it’s just about reading defenses, being able to play at different paces, being able to protect the ball to limit turnovers. He did a good job of cracking down on his turnovers last year, but still had too many for our liking…”

This is Embiid’s biggest issue. Occasionally you’ll see him throw a brilliant cross-court pass or get an early read on a defense, but other times it’s too much dribbling, late recognition, and then sloppy half court play that hurts his team.

And Embiid did get his turnovers down last year, down from 3.7 to 3.5 while playing three more minutes on average. Through the early part of this season, however, he’s still at that 3.5 number.

RE: the shot, Embiid’s three point percentage is up this season, moving from 30% to 33%. His two-point percentage is down slightly, though most of that dropoff is closer to the rim. He’s improved from 37% to 43% from the 10-16 foot range, according to Basketball Reference.

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5 Responses

    1. Ben’s excuse is that he is a coward. Tough to over come that. From the 2016 draft he is now only the 3rd best player, and that ranking is falling fast.

  1. Sixth year in the league (who cares if he didn’t play the 1st 2-1/2), and absolutely zero improvement. Still a great player, but hasn’t gotten a lick better in 6 years. He is who he is, and his body will only decline. Yes, he is pretty unstoppable 1 on 1, so get the ball and make a damn move instead of holding it for 7 seconds allowing the D to confuse you and make things harder on you. Expecting more out him than you have already seen is reaching.

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