Eagles Place DeSean Jackson on IR

Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

If your immediate reaction to yesterday’s news that DeSean Jackson was going under the knife to address an abdominal/sports hernia was one of disappointment, today’s news should make you feel even worse:

That’s it, that’s all, folks. Unless you believe the Eagles are going to make the second round of the playoffs, DeSean’s season is over. He’d be eligible to return in eight games, which officially takes him out of the equation for a Week 16 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. At least we have the Sixers, right?


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  1. What a pussy for not getting surgery after week 2.
    Howie drafting slow JJ Arcega-Whitestink over metcalf and the kid from Ohio state was a killer . A fucking killer

    1. Dk Metcalf 64th pick 2019 draft 29 receptions 525 yards 18.1 avg 5td’s.
      Terry McLaurin 76th pick 2019 draft 32 receptions 497 yards 15.5 avg 5td’s.
      JJ Arcega Whiteside 57th pick 2019 draft 2 receptions 14 yards 7.0 avd 0 TD’s.

      Thanks Howie.

  2. I remember woke Missanelli and other radio personalities declaring the Eagles had elite talent at their skill positions. Among the best in the NFL. Not only do they not have elite skill position players, but without DeSean they have far and away the worst WR corps in the NFL. Worse than the Dolphins, Jets, Bills, Titans, Giants, Bears…

    Anyone who blames Carson Wentz for this team’s problems should never watch football again.

    1. Same receiving corps last season (minus Golden Tate who was not utilized correctly anyway) had no trouble succeeding after Wentz went down with his “back injury”.

      1. Please do us all a favor and never watch football again!

        You could say its also the same receiving corps from when they won the SB minus Torrey Smith. Does Torrey smith move your needle?
        Carson was I believe 11-2 (before tearing his ACL)–Did we all forget.

        Nick looked like a world-beater–in those Games against the Raiders, Cowboys, and Giants in those final 3 starts! Light the world on fire.

        Took a helicopter overplayed deflection and home-field advantage for an additional one second on the clock at end of the half to get off a fg at end of the half against Atlanta. Do you remember that or no?

        Do you remember names like Blount, Ajayi, Robinson, Burton, Celek. (Huge name players who aren’t here anymore)

        Come to reality, this team got FAT after it won, it all went to thier head. The one guy who currently cares watched it from the sideline. Noone else on this team from a skill position gives enough of a s**t to care, its all about the money now.

        Also, the same medical staff who told Djack not is the one that replaced the staff that almost let franchise QB get paralyzed last year, cause it took them between 6 and 7 weeks to find out about a broken back. This team is not the same. The drafting was terrible. Not gutting some of it after the SB, like Belicheck does every year and letting these players smell themselves is the problem.

        Also newsflash: MOVE THE F ON, He’s not coming back..also MONEY Bet, he’s not taking Jags to playoffs.

  3. Good lord. Losing Jackson is nowhere near as big of a deal as this town makes it out to be.

    How many playoff games has he won without Donovan McNabb throwing him the ball? And he and McNabb haven’t played together in a decade. One dimensional, easily injured and now old receiver. Stop acting like this is the reason the season is turning out the way it is.

    With Jackson they were a 10-6 (if lucky) more like a 9-7 team. Without Jackson, sorry Jaccson, they are a 9-7/8-8 team. They benefitted from a soft schedule to start the season and an absolute cupcake of a schedule to end the season and they are still a middle of the pack team.

  4. Tell me you guys aren’t excited to have 4 tight end sets for the rest of the season… Jeffrey, Matthews, Ertz, Dallas… Poor Wentz, another year… another year without a playoff birth. Will go into year 5 with 0 playoff births

    1. You figured the “Franchise All Time Greatest QB” would have at least a playoff appearance by year four.

      Great job, Howie. The team was set up in their small window where a guy like Nick Foles taken off the trash heap could win the Super Bowl, and Roseman attaches the next decade to a dude who can’t stay healthy, who he gave up a lot of draft capital to trade up for, and who he is now paying close to 30 Mil to hand the ball off or check down to his buddy Ertz while everyone else on both sides of the ball ages out of the league as the Fantasty Football GM fails to draft good replacements.

      1. the team has made the playoffs twice in the three years he’s been here

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