Get This Washington Nationals Bus Out of Here

via Matt De George

The Washington Nationals won the World Series. Yay.

They’ll parade through the swamp tomorrow, Saturday, on a route that takes them through the National Mall and finishes on 3rd street for a rally near the U.S. Capitol, where politicians will likely be bickering like children instead of doing anything to actually improve the country.

For whatever reason, one of the Nats buses was spotted in OUR REGION today, as captured by the Delco Times’ Matt De George:

Pretty sad. Imagine driving around and having to see that sight.

No matter, though.

Joe Girardi is here. We’re gonna get Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon in free agency and we’re gonna win the division next season. All players will hustle and be held accountable. We’re gonna get that fucking trophy back, for John Middleton.

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27 Responses

  1. They’re working on getting a treasonous felon out of the highest office in the land.

    1. You realize you need 67 senators to vote to convict right? You also realize that will never happen right? Remember when you cried like a bltch on election night? I do

  2. The Nationals cured themselves of their cancer and won a championship. We decided to pay $330 million for said cancer. Ironic since our owner makes money off of people paying to get cancer, huh?

    1. Josh Innes claimed he was earning about $150,000 plus bonuses when he was working the afternoon shift while in town. You are way overestimating radio salaries. Only a few people command big money. Mikey Miss, Angelo and the Cuz when he had the morning shift. The Cuz took a pay cut when they moved him to middays. Middays is the lowest paying day shift.

  3. Not sure if you’l read this Mr. Myretus ….but if you do…..thank you. I met you a couple years ago at the KOP mall at an autograph signing. I told you i was going through a tough divorce at the time and your show helped me get through it. You told me to “keep my head up” and “stay strong”. I never forgot those words and thats what i did. Thank you again Mr. Myretus.

    Thank you

    – @nt from South Philly

  4. Gotta get that pic for social media whilst driving 80mph on I-95! Get them likes! The lives of other people be damned!

    1. I could care less because a lot of times people always don’t misunderstand. This is what I learn from talk radio.

  5. They are a likable team. They have some real gamers. The team dug deep and came from behind when it mattered. It’s good for baseball and good for the division to have a World Champion in the NL East. The Lerner family is worth more than Middleton. Their family fortune is estimated at over $5 billion and John is worth over $3 billion. They could actually keep all their players on the team if they wanted but no one wants to pay the luxury tax. They certainly don’t have a TV deal like the Phils have and though their attendance has improved CBP will consistently draw more if the Phils become a true contender.

    1. I don’t disagree. I don’t like them because they are a divisional rival, but good for them, they did it right. Same as when the Giants won those Super Bowls. You hate to see it, but good for them.

    2. They didn’t win anything if you are a wild card team in baseball there is an asterisk next to your title. With the Braves, Dodgers, and Nats all in one playoff they couldn’t all choke this year, congrats. Their championship wasn’t a true blue homegrown purebred like the Phillies. They stole Sherzer and signed Corbin to big money, it’s an illegitimate championship.

  6. kevin… you really post about this bullshit and not the embiid/KAT suspension???? weak as shit. mailing it in lately big time…

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