Jerry Jones Wants Jason Garrett “To Get it Done”

You’re not supposed to throw stones if you live in glass houses, but whatever. Taking cheap swipes at the Dallas Cowboys does not apply.

Checking in on Jerry Jones then, who went on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football today, elaborating on the frustrations he shared about the 13-9 loss in New England. He wasn’t exactly thrilled with the coaching in that game.

Today he pulled back slightly, offering a more measured take but still suggesting that head ball coach Jason Garrett is running out of time:

“Let me tell you, no one in this country has earned the right to say ‘I’m a Jason Garrett man’ more than me. I am his man,” Jones said. “And we want the very same thing. And that’s for our players to play at their very best and we want his staff to coach at their very best. The bottom line is we get graded. I’m in business. I don’t have to win the Super Bowl in business every year. I can come in sixth and have a hell of a year. But in this case, you’ve got to come in first. You’ve got to come in first. So fundamentally, you’ve asked for something that’s a very narrow window to begin with. I want Jason to get it done.”

The Cowboys started 3-0 and have gone 3-5 since, putting together an 0-4 record against winning teams (New England, Minnesota, Green Bay, and New Orleans). They’ve been relatively healthy and should probably be better than 6-5 at this point.

Truth is, this window is closing for the Eagles, who have benefited from Big D mediocrity for years. The Cowboys are destined for another postseason disappointment, Garrett will likely be gone, and then somebody else will come in and do more with the talent on that roster. The Birds might be equally deflating this year, but the division is there for the taking if they want it. Dallas won’t stink forever.

Let’s git r done, as Larry the Cable guy once said.

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