Jimmy Butler on Joel Embiid: “That M********* is Special”

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Double Sixers special coming at ya this weekend.

Tonight it’s 5-10 San Antonio, who were supposed to hold shootaround at the Palestra this morning but canceled for some reason. Tomorrow night, in a rare home/home back-to-back, Jimmy Butler returns to Philly with his 10-3 Miami Heat.

Jimmy hit it off with Joel Embiid during his time here, which was well known. In an interview with The Athletic’s Michael Lee, he talked about his admiration for the Sixers’ center:

After some tense, uneven months in Philadelphia, Butler found some comfort in the postseason, where coach Brett Brown repeatedly called him “the adult in the room.” And unlike his time in Minnesota, Butler connected with the young big man on the 76ers’ roster, Joel Embiid.

Because that muthafucka is special. For real,” Butler said. “Any time I text him, which we text plenty, FaceTime, phone calls. I always tell him, ‘Continue to show why you’re the best player in this league.’ Because I saw it. I saw it. He can do everything. Like, legit, he can do everything. He works and I respect it. He works. And then he’s in the house. He’s with his girlfriend. That’s how you become the best player, you’ve got to be obsessed with it. And he is. He is.

Jimmy did not share the same relationship with Ben Simmons, who took a backseat in the playoffs while Butler was running pick and roll and late game isolation sets. We shall see if anything interesting is said on Saturday night about the offseason that saw Butler head to Miami while the Sixers gave out big contracts to Simmons and Tobias Harris instead.

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11 Responses

  1. Congratulations to the Cuz on his new contract. He’s got to have a great agent. 3.75 mil per year!!! He earned it. We all love the Cuz!

    1. Guy works the midday shift. He took a salary cut. At best he is earning $325,000 a year. That is why they had to let Jason go. You can’t pay big money when your in second place. I can tell you that he was probably getting $600,000 or more to do the morning shift. He was an expensive hire and they thought they could dethrone the other guy. He was ready to quit when he was demoted to middays. When you realize there is no place else to go you just take salary cut and live with it. The benchmark is Ang. He is probably earning about $1.3 million at this point with bonuses. He went over a million several years ago. Whatever they are paying him he is worth it. Every time he says he is going to retire they give him more money. Obviously at some point his salary won’t be cost effective.

  2. Most of these radio hosts are very left-wing, but live in very safe highly secure communities. In other words; complete frauds in life.

    1. Lol 😂. Isn’t that the truth. Limousine Liberals; they favor Section 8 housing, soft on crime, but live far away from the likes of Demarious, Shawntel & Tarik.

      1. The logic of a 7 year old.

        Use your own logic. Move to a conservative part of the country.

        You can get a cheap trailer in Iowa.

        Childlike simpleton. On line coward. Quite a life.

      2. What a lot of people are now finding out is that once safe areas are now becoming dangerous too. Serious center city beatings are happening during the day by high school age thugs. Sadly nowhere is safe anymore.

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