Jordan Howard is Still Not Cleared for Contact

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If you were looking for reassurance on the Eagles’ injury front, there wasn’t much of it at Doug Pederson’s midweek press conference.

Today the head ball coach gave an update on Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Howard, and Nigel Bradham:

“Alshon and Jordan can both do some individual (work). Jordan still hasn’t been cleared for contact, so nothing’s changed, but individually he can still work. Alshon’s the same way; we’ll get him out there, get him moving around again today and Nigel Bradham will practice.”

Howard missed Sunday’s game after suffering a stinger in the Bears win. I’m no doctor, but I’ve never heard of somebody being out for this long with a stinger. Smells somewhat fishy to me. Sniff sniff.

Doug did say that Jay Ajayi could play a part this weekend if Howard can’t go:

“I think there’s a role, and obviously this week if Jordan can’t go, then that role would increase. Don’t take what I’m saying here (wrong); we signed Jay because of Sproles. From a roster position it was Sproles, who went on injured reserve. (The signing) wasn’t because of Jordan. We do see a role for Jay, even though we signed him late in the week we knew there wasn’t going to be a ton of activity in the game Sunday, but I think moving forward we can get him involved a little bit more.”

Jeffery is still dealing with the ankle issue and Bradham hasn’t played since the week six loss in Minnesota. The Birds could use both of those guys right now.

Other notes from the midweek presser:

  • Lane Johnson is still in concussion protocol
  • they liked DK Metcalf coming out of college, also liked JJ Arcega-Whiteside, happy with the decision they made to draft JJAW
  • they’re gonna get Andre Dillard some work at right tackle this week, Big V can operate as a “swing” tackle since he’s played both sides before
  • he’s glad that the Eagles are able to lend support to the Camden and Pleasantville football teams, who will finish their playoff game today at the Linc

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  1. either way, there’s something fishy in how the Eagles report and treat injuries. It might be a worthwhile post to go back of the last season and a half and list out the injuries and the timeframe and how they were communicated.

  2. Seahawks rookie wr Dk Metcalf (picked 7 spots after JJ Arcega Whiteside) stats so far: 35 receptions 595 yds, 17.0 avg and 5td’s.

    Eagles rookie wr JJ Arcega Whiteside stats so far: 3 receptions 43 yds 14.3 avg and 0 TD’s.

    Once again thank you Howie.

    1. Don’t forget about signing Darren fucking Sproles who played in 15 out of 48 games..another waste

      1. Don’t forget signing an unproven QB to a record deal while having 0 playoff experience. At least they didn’t pay double digit iq Jenkins X

        1. Also don’t forget about about not claiming Josh Gordon off waivers when his team was in desperate need of WR help. Look forward to him producing against us on Sunday.

          1. So true. Josh Gordon and DK Metcalf will tear up the Eagles. Meanwhile captain no playoff games will be throwing to Mack Hollins and Jordan Matthews. But the Eagles can win this game, just ask Howard Erskin

  3. Sidney Jones was such a better pick than Alvin Kamara…so much better because he’s a magician that can turn into Markelle Fultz or Nolan Patrick at any time.

  4. Kevin is a man with extremely small feet, average size dong, and he voted for Hillary…

    Nuff said.

  5. Seahawks win a close game. Fully expect the 12th man to take over the stadium. Who do you think will raise the 12th man flag at the Linc.

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