Laugh or Cry? People Dug Up Racist Tweets from Woman Whom Charles Barkley Apologized To

via Twitter and USA Today Sports

Not sure if y’all saw this the other day, but Charles Barkley apologized to an Axios reporter after making a joke about hitting her:

Sounds like something Charles might say, but it was not well-received.

In a statement made through Turner PR, Barkley offered up this:

“My comment was inappropriate and unacceptable. It was an attempted joke that wasn’t funny at all. There’s no excuse for it and I apologize.”

Case closed, right?

Not exactly. Seems like Alexi McCammond was taking some crap from people in her mentions, who were asserting that this was par for the course for Sir Charles, who often treads the line between appropriate and inappropriate.

That then resulted in McCammond tweeting this, which seemed to be a non-acceptance of the apology:

What next?

Well, what happens in 2019 is that people now go through your entire social media history looking for something compromising, and that’s what took place here.

Folks combed through McCammond’s Twitter account and found posts that were racially insensitive to Asians:

And then she apologized for the old tweets:

Laugh or cry? I feel like we get one of these situations at least once per month now.


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    1. yes those nips are the first things that jumped out at me, exquisite i must say, but she looks like she could be a bit uptight. As for the whole woke-off apology thing that proceeded Charles and this chicks exchange it’s just sorta sad. This chick is the type of person who perpetuates the cancel culture world we live in, but then ironically she also has skeletons in her own closet which i’m sure she mind exposing someone else for. Don’t really care for Barkley, but i doubt he really wanted to hit her or was going to but just made a stupid joke and she tried to end him. So fuck her and its nice to see her getting her comeuppance. Only thing that would have made it better is if Barkley didn’t apologize, but i’m sure the network and/or sponsors made him do it. Never apologize to the mob.

      1. Correct. Never, ever, EVER kneel or apologize to the mob. For cultural Marxists, no matter how much you concede, it will never be enough. Give an inch and they’ll see it as weakness and take a mile, until they destroy you.

  1. Barkley nicest fellow ever. Met him at mgm in Vegas and he bought all of us a beer . Fucking guys can’t even joke around anymore with broads

  2. Never speak your real mind in front of a woman, Charles Barkley or not.

    Oh, and as always……

    Never use social media.

  3. hilarious when social justice warrior liberals get caught abusing their own game hahahaha hey kevy, would be a real shame if someone dug your tweets kinky headed oaf

  4. Someone posted other tweets of hers where she uses the n-word. This woke really thought this through before running to Twitter. Smart.

  5. No offense, but I don’t think Charles is overburdened with intelligence.

  6. Something even better happened last night on TNT: A goat sitting atop Sir Charles. I thought ol’ Nanny was gonna lick his face!

  7. What did she say or do to provoke his initial response? Id love to know how he worked it into a conversation.

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