Max Kellerman Insinuates that Eagle Receivers are Dropping Passes Because Carson Wentz Can’t Lead

via First Take

This is outrageous.

Not even the most extreme members of the Folesian Society would say something like this. But Max Kellerman would. And he did, on today’s edition of First Take:

Some of the exchange:

Kellerman: A lot of the reason they’re dropping passes, and I’ve been on this since day one – Carson Wentz has to show that he can lead them…

Stephen A: That is ridiculous.

Kellerman: Stop.

Stephen A: You stop.

So he’s not really saying that they are dropping the ball on purpose, but he says “I believe it’s affecting things,” which I guess is an assertion that the receivers aren’t trying as hard for Wentz as they would for Foles. They aren’t busting their ass for him. Perhaps they aren’t as dialed in or mentally focused with Wentz on the field, if they purportedly do not like him.

It’s quite the take, that’s for certain. Maybe the receivers do prefer Nick Foles, but I can’t imagine that would manifest itself in dropping passes that hit them square in the chest or hands.

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10 Responses

  1. He can’t lead. That’s not why dudes are dropping passes.

    He can’t throw. That’s why dudes are dropping passes.

  2. I mean, theres been smoke for over a year now the Nick was more popular in the locker room than Carson, at some point somebody has to acknowledge the fire.

  3. Nelson can’t track a deep pass, I mean just go back and watch that bomb touchdown he caught last year against the Texans I mean Wentz put it right on him… oops that was Foles

  4. so basically then, the offensive lineman who put their bodies on the line every snap to protect Wentz, the TE’s who catch a ton of balls, and the Rb’s who catch a ton of balls, are all wrong, but the one diva WR who cries to the press anonymously is right? this is so completely wrong….it’s clickbait for morons……nick foles is gone….get over it

  5. WRs care about one thing….themselves. More than any other position, their stats = $, whether it is here or on another team. There is absolutely no way in hell any of them are dropping balls or not trying as hard based on who the QB is. By the way, how did the season end last year? Who threw that pass?

    1. Wentz

      Here is clearly why the team cant win! You do not know about football.
      I mean we’re bringing in a guy about to have his 3rd stint in this team in 5 seasons who is so good he can’t even find a spot in the league right now.

      And sadly–HE IS AN UPGRADE to our current situation!

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