NBC Flexes the Eagles/Seahawks Game Out of Primetime

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This one hurts. If you have tickets to the Eagles/Seahawks Week 12 game on Sunday, November 24, get ready to change your plans. While the Eagles are accustomed to getting flexed into a primetime game due to the team’s success, today they learned what the NFL’s TV partners giveth, they taketh away:

It’s a bummer, but it’s not entirely surprising. Looking at the schedule, the Eagles would drop to 5-5 with a loss to the New England Patriots, while the 8-2 Seahawks will be coming off their bye week. NBC opted to flex into the Green Bay Packers v. San Francisco 49ers game instead. Coming off their first loss of the season on Monday night, the Niners should enter Week 12 at 9-1, while the Packers will be coming off their bye week at 8-2.

Here’s some good news: After suffering through a week of Dick Stockton and some subpar announcing crews on Fox, the Eagles/Patriots game is getting arguably the best team in the business:

The flex decision is a bummer, but I for one look forward to hearing the top crew call a rematch of Super Bowl LII.

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16 Responses

  1. This will disappoint all of the kool-aid drinkers who think that the Eagles and Seahawks are on the same level.

    1. well, the Eagles did beat the Packers, and Seattle did beat San Fran, so what are you trying to say?

      and the Eagles will be 6-5, then win 4 out of their last 5 to finish 10-6. As long as one of those 4 wins comes against Dallas, then they should be in the Playoffs. Win the home wild card game and fly out to San Fran for the divisional round….I’d take that. The Bears were 12-4 last year, and how did they do?

      oh, and I don;t drink kool aid (or Hater aid for that matter)

  2. Gotta admit i think the Nantz/Romo pairing is severely overrated. Nantz has always been a dullard, but Romo’s act has quickly worn thin too. His insight was great at first, but now he’s just annoying and tries to be funny but just isn’t. Although it’s slim pickens when you take a look at what the networks have to offer. Without a doubt the worst is the MNF crew. Booger ain’t so bad, but Tessitore is by far the worst guy to ever hold a mic in the MNF booth and that includes the likes of Dennis Miller and Kornheiser. He tries to turn a 6 yard run into the most inspirational thing to ever take place on a football field. Just a giant phony and really a perfect embodiment of why a lot of sports fans hate ESPN.

    1. Romo may get good reviews but his high-pitch delivery and pretend excitement is hard to listen to. Also, it’s Tony Romo.

  3. nice nothing beats a 1pm game.
    I can’t rem the last time the eagles beat the seahawks. usually Russell Wilson puts a beating on them.

  4. Bu-bu-bu-but the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! We’re in year three of the Five year Wentz/Pederson dynasty! We’re primetime!

    As someone mentioned above, this is no doubt the NFL’s way of helping the Eagles stay relevant down the stretch by making it slightly harder for the west coast Seahawks to play.

    No excuses though. Wentz has a better offense built around him than Foles in 2018. The greatest quarterback in franchise history now has no reason not to run the table.

  5. 1pm works in the Eagles favor due to something called time zones.
    Jim “Hello Friends” Nantz has become a caricature of himself, Romo is genuine, Tracy Wolfson is BRUTAL.
    However, as long as it’s not Kenny F. Albert and his pinched nose, nor Dick “Dinosaur” Stockton, I’m OK with it.

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