Ole Miss Loses Egg Bowl After Urinating Dog Celebration

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Not a great Thanksgiving for Ole Miss, who lost the 116th Egg Bowl in nonsensical fashion last night.

It was 21-14 Mississippi State, late in the fourth quarter, when the Rebels capped off a 12 play, 82 yard drive with a short touchdown pass to receiver Elijah Moore.

Moore then decided to celebrate by emulating the Odell Beckham Jr. “urinating dog” celebration, which moved the extra point back 15 yards.

This happened next:

Final score:

Mississippi State 21, Ole Miss 20.

Outrageous way to cap off a 4-8 season for the Rebels. MSU got to 6-6 with the win, which made them bowl eligible.

But if we’ve learned anything from this episode, it’s that the urinating dog celebration is probably a bad idea.


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  1. Typical for those people. They always have to celebrate and show off. White guy would not have done that. Ole Miss gets extra point, game goes to OT, who knows what happens? Head coach has no control of his team with antics like that

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