Philly’s Police Union President Rips “Washed Up” Malcolm Jenkins and the Philadelphia Inquirer

If you were on Monday, perhaps you saw the op-ed written by Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, titled When picking new police commissioner, Mayor Kenney must listen to real Philadelphians.

In the article, Jenkins goes over a list of six things he believes Philadelphia residents would like to see in a new commissioner, which includes a “transparent search process,” increased accountability, and somebody who “fights back against the police union.”

To the latter point, Jenkins writes:

Nearly every time we hear a story of an officer abusing power, whether through violence or racist Facebook postings, the police union is there to defend the bad behavior. We need a commissioner who isn’t in lockstep with the union and who will instead push back when the union tries to hide and justify bad behavior. The commissioner must also support a union contract that allows for more officer accountability, even if that is an unpopular position with the rank and file.

That did not sit well with Philly FOP boss John McNesby, who wrote up a saucy response to Jenkins, referring to him as “washed up” and a “has been” –

“Only the Inquirer would offer Malcolm Jenkins to tackle crime, when he can’t even manage to tackle his own opponents.”

Dang, that’s pretty heavy. McNesby ain’t messing around, claiming that:

  • Jenkins is washed up
  • he’s a ‘has been’
  • he can’t tackle
  • he’s a non-resident
  • he hurled slurs and false allegations at the police
  • the op-ed was a racist attack
  • the Inquirer lacks integrity and professionalism

There’s only one way to settle this. Malcolm Jenkins and John McNesby must meet at UFC 246 in Las Vegas. Screech can fight the Angry Bagel Guy as the co-main event.

On a more serious note, one thing that’s intriguing to me is that Jenkins has landed in this weird social purgatory. Isn’t it kind of strange? On one hand, you’ve got people like McNesby who think he’s too woke and is anti-police. Then on the other side you’ve got folks like Eric Reid, who think Malcolm Jenkins isn’t woke enough. He sold out the Players Coalition and scuppered Colin Kaepernick’s movement, according to them.

That’s my observation. Jenkins has always been very active in community and social affairs, yet has critics on both ends of the spectrum.

As for this particular matter, you can form your opinions. At Crossing Broad, we report, you decide.

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41 Responses

  1. Pretty sure Malcolm Jenkins lives in Northern Liberties?

    McNesby blows my mind with his ability to constantly spew the stupidest possible takes at every opportunity. At least Jenkins is a Super Bowl champion. I’m pretty sure the most effort McNesby has ever set forth was at the buffet table.

    1. Which is funny because you idiot Trumpanzees are completely anti-union unless it’s the one representing the Police. Interesting how that works.

      1. It’s not really that interesting. The left always attacks the police and they are the first one in line for budget cuts. Meanwhile the pencil pushers are completely safe from cuts. They are one of the few professions who need unions. Unlike the trade unions who just muscle their way into every job and assault non union workers. How’s John Dougherty doing btw?

        We know you’re upset that the impeachment hearings are just another complete dud

  2. Malcolm X Jenkins is a turd. Let’s see how long the ‘Hood would last if the police suddenly boycotted going into them high-crime areas. They would kill each other to extinction.

  3. I am pro-police and pro-union. But I must say McNesby is an absolute idiot and is hurting way more than he’s helping. The fact that he resorts to Trump-esque name calling and a temper-tantrum instead of replying with anything of substance says a lot.

    1. I get it, he did stoop to a very low level with his personal attacks, which, like Trump, are completely uncalled for, however, while Malcolm’s letter was very well written, he is basically doing the exact same thing to the union and it’s leadership…just used nicer words.

  4. It’s so clear to see if their stance is correct almost solely based on the way individuals talk these days. Malcolm should send him the biggest bowtie he owns to stay the better man here.

  5. Love how Eric Reid was all over Malcolm for bowing down to the NFL yet he had no problem taking a settlement and dropping the lawsuit. Who’s the sellout now?

    1. They all like the “green” that “whites” provide. But they keep biting the hand that feeds them. Maybe they should start their own league. Good luck.

  6. Is a “real Philadelphian”. He should do a couple ride alongs on the night shift in north philly and see how his opinion of police work changes

    1. Someone should ask Malcolm; where would he be safer, in a white or black neighborhood? The answer is obvious, but people like Malcolm blame the police and play the race card, when the real danger is coming from his own community.


  8. I love watching 2 democrats attack each other. Ahhh the clowns are eating each other. Just another day in another physically disgusting democrat controlled city

  9. I didn’t read the whole thing on the Inquirer site, because I honestly didn’t know those fossils had one. That said: I don’t disagree with the parts you published here of Jenkin’s comments. Certainly, he’s richer than Midas but if he’s downtown, popo will crack his cranium if they think they should – like he’s just another broke ass brother.

  10. Looks like there’s a lot of extra trash here today. We’ll send another truck out this afternoon and take care of it.

  11. Recently moved from Center City to a brand new luxury apartment in the burbs. Boy is it nice to walk out of the building and not be immediately smacked in the face by the stench of filth, not have litter flying around everywhere, no homeless people. No lawless packs of “youths” running around terrorizing people and stores. The roads are nicely paved and I actually feel like my taxes are benefiting me and not a bunch of corrupt, useless government employees. Also, literally 0% chance I get shot or mugged, which is also nice. Not sure why anyone with the means choose to live in the city, but to each their own.

    1. Glad you moved. Not sure if you voted democrat when you were in the city, but if you did, you see what that got you. So please don’t vote that way now that your in the burbs! We want to keep things clean and crime free

  12. What race commits the vast majority of violent crime in this country? Maybe once that changes, the police will stop “profiling”

    1. The Po-Po should just let the Brothas police themselves. That should work out just fine. Their peaceful manner, their emphasis on family and education, their respect for law and property, all make them ideal friends and neighbors.

    2. Those people are 13% of the US population and account for 50% of the murders. Quite a disparity, right? I’m sure Dr. King would be sooo proud

  13. Regardless of what Jenkins said, McNesby is a fat piece of shit who has less brain cells than most humans his size. He should just stop crying and do something other than stuff his fat mouth.

    I really don’t get why anyone on the force would support his employment. He is a loser, and doesn’t help at all with Police relations.

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