Seahawks Linebacker KJ Wright Says Seattle Knew Eagles’ Plays Before They Ran Them

Photo credit: © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Well this oughta put a bow on a terrible, awful, no good Sunday for Eagles fans. If you thought that Doug Pederson’s offense has been predictable with Carson Wentz under center, you’re not alone. Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright, who posted twelve tackles against the Eagles (9 solo/3 assisted), took to his postgame media scrum to throw some serious shade at the Eagles’ play-calling and execution:

That’s… not ideal. It harkens back to a time when a former Eagles head coach’s system was routinely dissected and exploited. Remember the Chip Kelly era? Following a dominant Seahawks win over Philadelphia back in 2014, Wright said of Kelly’s offense:

Was it easy? I’ll tell you when I was watching film, I was a little surprised how basic their offense was. They’re running stretch plays, zone flicks. The Eagles did simple stuff we see all of the time.

The tempo wasn’t a factor at all… We communicated out there, like we always do, but the Eagles are a pretty simple team. The Eagles did the same old stuff that they always do. There was no confusion. They throw screens, they tried to hurry-up, but when you’re not completing the ball, that’s kind of tough to do.

That was the same season former San Francisco 49ers safety Antoine Bethea was caught on NFL Films barking out Philadelphia plays before they happened. The following season, former Eagle Josh Huff claimed the Cowboys were doing the same thing:

What a mess. Super Bowl LII seems like a lifetime ago.

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24 Responses

    1. He did pretty good job with worse receivers, worse tight end and one decent running back.

  1. This team is a joke. The head coach might as well resign because the only reason we won the super bowl was Frank Reich’s ability to game plan. I watched 1 week of this team in week 2 after DJax went down and from then it was OBVIOUS they needed WR help but the fantastic coaching staff and GM seem to this they have “the talent in house” to get the job done. WHAT A JOKE! I honestly pray we lose every single game from here to get a good draft pick however Howie Rosman will have to suddenly vanish off the face of the planet on draft day or we will prob only be drafting a special teams WR with the 3rd overall pick! God this team sucks!

  2. Now that sports betting is legal in Pa, I just bet against the eagles every week either on the moneyline or spread – I win every week, so I don’t give a shit.

  3. Seth Joyner is acting angry again about the Eagles. This coming from a guy who played on Eagles teams that consistently choked in the first round of the playoffs. He’s either acting for a paycheck, or he forgets how he came up short with Buddy Ryan’s teams.

  4. Wentz fucking blows . Glad I at least cashed in taking the Seahawks big . This team will also lose one against the giants. Nice roster Howie lol

  5. With Pedersen still calling the plays, this team will always lose. I knew he was a fraud coach from day one.

  6. How hard is it? “He’s throwing to his boyfriend Ertz or, he’s throwing to his boyfriend Matthews.”

      1. Yeah and the one was so telegraphed it was picked.

        He was targeted six times and caught three actually:
        Jordan Matthews 2019-11-24 12 PHI SEA L 9-17 * 6 3 27 9.00 0 50.0% 4.50

  7. Is silly
    Only for poor and uneducated people
    Is hateful
    Is discriminatory
    Is untolerant
    Is violent
    Does not fit in American culture

  8. The league has caught up with him. It’s amazing how much better coached the Pats are over the Eagles. You see the difference in a real coaching staff compared to what we have here. Losing to the Birds in the Super Bowl was a blip. After winning the title last year and 10-1 this season despite injuries you see how a professional team operates.
    Has Bill’s teams ever look like the mess this team is right now. He has suffered OL with injuries, having no receivers. They always seem to get it done. This is the difference. Maybe Brady is showing signs of age. Let me know when an Eagles team starts out 10-1.

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