The Sixers Go Up Against a Familiar Face in Markelle Fultz Tonight

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the reunion you’ve all been waiting for, or maybe you don’t care.

Regardless, Markelle Fultz will play against the Sixers in the regular season tonight, for the first time since he was traded to Orlando for Jonathon Simmons and a couple of draft picks.

Markelle has been steady, if unspectacular this season. He’s staying on the court, which is the most important thing, logging 23.5 minutes per game on his return from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Here’s what else he’s contributing:

  • 9.7 points per game
  • 2.0 rebounds
  • 3.1 assists
  • 1.3 steals
  • 47.1% from the floor
  • 8.7 shots per game
  • 18.2% from three
  • 2.2 three pointers per game
  • 78.6% from the foul line

Not dissimilar from what he did during his time in Philadelphia, but his two-point and free throw percentages are up significantly. Most of his success is coming right around the rim, as you can see in this heat map right here:

Let’s take a look –

Here’s a clip showing the seven shots he attempted in the most recent game against Indiana:

Some pick and roll looks there, drives to a rack, one three-pointer, a transition dunk. We did see flashes of his ability getting to the rim during his brief time in Philly, which actually felt like an eternity.

Either way, there’s no “bulletin board” stuff here, no “revenge” factor, nothing particularly incendiary that’s been said publicly. Seems like Fultz is treating this game like any other:

The Magic are 3-7 and do not shoot the ball well. 41.9% from the floor is actually the second-worst number in the NBA while 28.2% from three is dead last. They rebound well and protect the basketball, but it could be brick city tonight in Florida with the Sixers having played 24 hours prior.

(Joel Embiid will not play, he’ll sit this one out)


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  1. Orlando with the easy win over the Sixers with no Embiod, 107 – 95.

  2. Fultz should not be bouncing a basketball. I see him as a possible Doctor, Lawyer or Nuclear Physicist.

  3. The Sixers have to be far and away the all-time league leaders in Top 10 picks who turned out to be absolute shit.

  4. Pu$$ Pu$$ JoJo out again tonight..I would write more about Load Management but I’m sure it would never get posted…anyway how many games did Dr J , Moses, Mo Cheeks, etc sit out> Fucking ZERO.

  5. Looks like Brown isn’t “growing a number” anytime soon.

    Or even a closer.

    All looked tentative.

    Maybe hire a barista for some high test caffeine on back to backs.

    Portland does that.

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