“The Whole Thing is Terrible,” says Brian Baldinger in His Eagles Film Assessment

via Twitter

Brian Baldinger, aka “Baldy.”

He’s on fire this morning, breaking down the Eagles loss with with fervor and passion.

Baldy was an offensive lineman during his playing days, so he’s very easily trusted when evaluating line play. That was the focus of three video clips posted this morning on Twitter, beginning with this one:

“This is shocking, the Patriots are standing here, they’re standing in a six-man front.. would you just come off the football and knock him into the dirt?”

He rips Dallas Goedert for half-assing a block attempt while noting that the line isn’t moving anybody at all.

Next clip:

“You’re on the two-yard line, you brought in Andre Dillard, two tight ends, can you just run a simple combo block? This is not how you run a combo block, this is just awful. This is unacceptable.”

That was a pretty hairy play. Thought Miles Sanders might not make it out of the end zone there. Barely avoided a safety.

Next clip:

“This is terrible right here, between Big V and Brooks… Everybody is lower on the Patriots, that’s what’s called being physical.”

Yeah, uh… not the best blocking right there on that play.

Next clip:

“This is not a route. Who is coaching these wide receivers? It’s a joke! …The whole thing is terrible”

Hard to argue there. They can’t run routes, can’t separate, can’t make plays, and can’t catch 50/50 balls. It’s all good otherwise.

Final clip:

“This ball ends up six yards out of bounds, he almost interferes with Brady’s warm up over there. The offense is just so bizarre. It’s hard to watch.”

Agree with Baldy. It’s hard to watch.

Excellent series of #BaldysBreakdowns, probably the best of the season thus far.

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11 Responses

  1. In the year 2000, here’s the slop Donovan McNabb had at wr, rb and te; wr: Todd Pinkston, Damean Douglas, Torrance Small, Charles Johnson and Na Brown.

    At rb, the Eagles lost Duce Staley for the year during the 5th game with a broken foot and we’re stuck with Darnell Autry, old Brian Mitchell, Amp Lee, Stanley Pritchett and added old washed up Chris Warren.

    And at the, they had Chad Lewis, Luther Broughton and Jeff Thomason and even with that slop at the skill positions, they managed to win a playoff game over Tampa Bay, so for all you Wentz lapdogs, stop making excuses for him.

    1. –In a weak ass division for years…
      –And a defense that gave up around 17 points a game…
      —Forced a lot of turnovers, got a ton of sacks…were lead by a GENIUS DC…

      Again flawed argument looks at one side…
      (you want to go to a comparison for a time where a QB/COACH lost 4 championship games, 3 of which they were favored in as the number 1 seed in the Conference…

      COme on now

      1. That would all be good and all if McNabb wasn’t putting up points and yardage all season. Cunningham had an even better defense, couldn’t win playoff games.

        Weak division? The Giants and Redskins have been two of the worst teams in the NFL the past three seasons. Eagles have a guaranteed 4 wins a year with them here. In 2017 Dallas didn’t have their best player for six games due to a shady suspension. So, Wentz has an even easier time with this slop in the NFC East.

        Conference Championship games:
        Rams- Double digit underdogs on the road, lost by one possession. After Marshall Faulk SHREDDED that awesome defense for the entire third quarter.
        Bucs – McNabb playing second game back form a broken leg against a defense that was even better than the Eagles’, again with slop as his wide receivers.
        Panthers – McNabb had ribs broken on late hit in the first half. Coy Detmer was the QA for the second half of the game. The receivers were even worse than the year before. No running back to speak of as Westbrook was out with injury.
        Falcons – Without Owens, in awful conditions, he played a masterful game and put up 27 points with Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston as his receivers.
        Cardinals – Put up 25 points on the road. David Akers missed a makeable field goal, and an extra point, and put a kick off out of bounds giving the Cardinals excellent field position on one of the TD drives. McNabb put the Eagles up late in game only to watch that vaunted defense fold like a tent as Kurt Warner picked them apart. Secular Saint Brian Dawkins was destroyed all game.

        But, yeah. McNabb sucks. Wentz is great.

        1. It sounds like your making excuses! Especially for McNabb!
          Those 3 INTS against the Panthers…Did he not throw those! 10-22 for 100 yards, and 3 INTS against the Panthers
          26-49 for 243 NO TDS, and a back breaking PICK 6 against Tampa.
          –Yah, great numbers in the clutch, should I bring up that unbelivable SB Performance in which TO kept the team in the game 7 Weeks after blowing out his foot….yah McNabb was amazing! He also never got hurt!

          Yah that Cunningham Defense played in the East during a time when 2 if not 3 of the greatest coach in the game were around!

          In your argument…Agholor dropped 2 TD passes, one to win a game, one to tie a game, Arcega whiteside Dropped one in Detroit.

          That’s 3 more wins right there potentially. And maybe 8-2 and not 5-5.

          YOUR ARGUMENTS BLOW! You literally in all your arguments about McNabb, ripped the entire team, but the problems we have right now are all on ONE person!

          Dumbest argument ever. YOu know what they say trying to argue on the internet, is winning in the Special Olympics.

          Even if you win you are still…

          You can finish that sentence.

          Main, I hate destroying stupid hole filled arguments…

        2. 6 wins a season.Except for first year or so all division rivals were terrible.Conference sucked after Rams dissolved as well.

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