Video: Carson Wentz’s Fault or Receiver’s Fault?

carson wentz

Hello it is I, here to pour some gasoline on the smoldering Carson Wentz-receiver fire that is sure to engulf the city and burn its miserable, cold November ashes into a pile of Wawa dated carbon.

I made you a video. Despite waking up with a splitting migraine (the rapid pressure drops usually do it, though today it may have been from watching three hours of the Eagles’ putrid offense last night), I thought it best to use my coffee time to clip up all of Carson Wentz’s yak-inducing incompletions from yesterday and make a determination as to whom was at fault– Wentz, the receiver, or Nelson Agholor. It was often Wentz, occasionally a no-name receiver, and frequently Nelson Agholor, who stinks.

Truly, Nelson Agholor stinks.

Here I was, willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after he bounced back from early-career struggles and was mostly steady for the last two seasons. But nope, he’s back to being terrible again– poor route running, lack of awareness on the field (the sideline, look for it!), and hands like dolphin fins trying to catch a greased up bowling ball.

Anyway, and alas, not every throw can go to Agholor. Wentz, too, has been occasionally bad.

Any take pointing out Wentz’s faults on Twitter is swiftly buried under a mound of Twitter eggs and people with Eagles logos in their avatar attacking your very being, devoid of any sense of reality or pragmatism. It’s the Robert Covington crowd– or at least its easy to confuse them.

People in this city treat Wentz like the next great quarterback. With good reason. Wentz has all the tools – strong arm, speed, size – and the draft status to back it up. His 2017 season solidified the hype and fanned dork Twitter into its uncomfortable social media activism-levels of prolonged lovefests.

Problem: Quarterbacks of Wentz’s ostensible stature routinely dominate NFL games. It’s not just Brady, Rodgers, and Wilson, good-to-great quarterbacks marvel with their ability to make difficult throws, “strap a team to their back,” and gut-out tough wins. Much the same way average receivers in the NFL frequently make the “tough” catches no Eagles receiver can. Blame can be spread around. But If you want Wentz to be the quarterback you think he is, he has to be better than this:

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29 Responses

  1. Please show me Wentz career record. Then show me his record against teams with a winning record. The discussion begins and ends there.

  2. I’m tired of Carson Wentz locking in on one side of the field while totally ignoring the other side of the field.

    I’m tired of Carson Wentz holding onto the ball as if he has forever to throw the ball.

    And lastly, I’m tired of Carson Wentz cult members attacking people for even the slightest bit of criticism towards Carson Wentz.

    1. its a mutual feeling…
      say one thing about nick foles and you should be killed…

      He literally like this entire team, caught lightning in a bottle for one season…

      Carson has literally beat 2 winning teams this year.
      nick has beat 0..
      cant have it both ways…

        1. I Do..

          Screeched out a win against the worst QB in the league…

          and then what…had a game like Wentz did yesterday.
          and a drop by a WR (way more talented then we had on-field yesterday)
          yet he had no blame…

          I remember the eagles getting up 14-0 in the first quarter…The defense held that offense, in that building to 20 points than having a drop late in the game with it on the line…and it was Alshon’s Fault.

          it can never be Nick…even though BOTH storylines are the same!

          1. just what I expected…the Foles people shut up as soon as you prove them wrong…can’t handle the “oh yeah i forgot about that part factor”

            with their 15 dollar an hour job and preaching of I been an eagles fan since like they drafted Foles, don’t know why they got rid of him in the first place.

      1. Are you talking about 2013? Because that was his best season. Foles’ worst career numbers were with the Rams and Jeff Fisher. Otherwise, check his numbers.

  3. And rightly so. The guy has been handed everything and proven so little. He is the Ben Simmons of the Eagles.

  4. Carson unfortunately does not have the clutch gene . Maybe When/if the eagles get him some wr’s that will change .

  5. Now go back and look at all the completions and see how many yards were left on the field due to passes thrown high or behind receivers. Then again tell me how great Wentz is..
    Side note, a couple of the plays you blamed on wrs were asinine, passes tipped or thrown out of the end zone. No one was catching that first one to Ag, and very few are catching the last one.

    1. The one to Agholor was a good pass, tough catch, but Agholor doesn’t even attempt to hold the line and make the catch. A good receiver makes a play on catching that with both feet in

      1. Receivers struggle with Wentz b/c he is insanely inconsistent with his ball placement, he is trash. deal with it

      2. Also, why are the comments on Kristen Hatton’s articles turned off? Are in insinuating that since shes a woman she won’t be able to handle the comments? how sexist of you

      3. Besides Harold Carmichael, because he was 6’7, no receiver makes that catch. It was high and Carson led him out of bounds as he was throwing over DBs.

  6. They traded foles AND GUESS WHAT PERDERSEN WE TOLD U SO Carson should have been traded instead and yes Agular sucks too, time for a new Qb and receivers , and guess what us life time eagles fans STILL WANT FOLES CAUSE WENTZ AND THE RECIEVERS SUCK

    1. foles was traded while carson was in college. last year they let him walk as a free agent. get your facts straight before you swallow the Foles pole.

  7. Fuck you Kyle. You don’t get to take two years off the site and come back and trash Wentz. Doesn’t matter if you’re right or not. Fuck off you con artist, I want my $50 back.

  8. Wentz has trouble reading defenses, his progressions are slow, he holds the ball too long, passes are late in the route (no YAC), eyes are telegraphing the throw. Take what the defense gives you and move on to the next play.

  9. you would think from reading this article that no other QB in the history of the NFL had ever had a bad game or made a bad throw. Did anyone see some of the throws that the GOAT made on Sunday? You know that their only TD was thrown by a WR right?

  10. Wentz has trouble reading defenses, his progressions are slow, he holds the ball too long, passes are late in the route (no YAC), eyes are telegraphing the throw. Take what the defense gives you and move on to the next play.

  11. Five years from now this fan base is going to wish we kept Mary Anne instead of Ginger. It was good too see a breakdown of his bad throws. Other members of media refuse to even acknowledge they exist. Is the Ginger working with these WR at practice ? Scandrick may have been telling the truth.

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