A Dolphins Rookie Laughed at the Eagles

via Twitter (ClayWPLG)

This cannot stand.

Not only did the Eagles lose in embarrassing fashion on Sunday afternoon in front of their own fans in Miami, but a Dolphins player openly mocked them after the trick play in which the punter threw a touchdown pass to the kicker:

Christian Wilkins is a rookie. You can’t be having a rookie laugh and point at you while trotting off the field. That should fill your entire being with indescribable rage. The defensive players should have gone over to the offensive line after this play and said, “you believe this shit?” And then the O-line should have pancaked Wilkins into the Earth’s crust on the very next possession.

Absolutely outrageous.

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9 Responses

  1. Leave the fake tough guy rage to angelo it doesn’t suit you. Or him for that matter but everyone already knows he’s a dlldo. Next you’ll be using phrases like “not in our house!!”

      1. I already know what it means. No need to be ostentatious with your vocabulary. That’s such a typical eagles fan reaction though, that I never can be sure.

  2. You’re Right!!!

    The Eagles must take revenge! When the Eagles meet the Dolphins this year in the Super Bowl this Christian Wilkins guy is dead meat.

    Or, failing that, in four years when the Eagles play the Dolphins again, he’s a goner!

  3. I’d take Gabe Kapler coaching the Eagles over Doug Pederson. The team is a laughingstock, true, and guess what, we have the worst coaching staff in the NFL (save maybe Cleveland) and Doug has made this team into … yes, a laughingstock. No discipline on the team, players come and go and do as they please, horrid game management and play-calling, team doesn’t give two s#$ts about balling out, soft soft soft – the “worst” team in the NFL (I put quotes because they are evidently better than us) mocks us openly because they can out-coach us and kick our sorry soft ass.

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