A Warm Philadelphia Welcome for Carson Wentz Critic Max Kellerman

via First Take

Carson Wentz hater and New York Giants fan Max Kellerman, who is really just acting for the sake of television, was welcomed to Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly on Friday morning with a nice chorus of boos.

First Take is in town today ahead of Sunday’s Eagles/Cowboys game, and of course Wentz was the opening topic of discussion between Kellerman, Stephen A Smith, Molly Qerim-Rose, and Louis Riddick.

Here’s part of that:

I went and looked up the stat and apparently the Cowboys have dropped 18 passes while the Eagles have dropped 17. So there’s that. And he’s right that the Giants and Redskins are “two of the sorriest teams in the NFL,” but Wentz did what people were asking him to do, which is put the Eagles on his shoulders and lead a fourth quarter comeback.

Mike Missanelli is coming on First Take a little later, so we’ll see if he lays the smack down on anybody.

Here are the boos for Kellerman:

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7 Responses

  1. As a lifelong Eagles fan I can see it coming a mile away. We beat the Cowboys this weekend and then lay an egg against the Giants next week and the Cowboys get in.

    1. while that would be hilariously entertaining, the first part of your prediction won’t ever happen

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