Doug Pederson Talks About Hot Dogs, Diet Coke, and his Weight at Friday Press Conference

If you missed it Wednesday, Doug Pederson made a comment about the Eagles’ media corps sitting upstairs and eating hot dogs and drinking Diet Coke, an unprompted thought that was part of a longer answer to a question regarding the Eagles’ injury situation.

That topic came up again at Friday’s press conference, but first you have to go back and read this for context:

Q. Obviously every team has injuries. It’s a violent sport. It just seems like you guys have been really hit hard this year, the last couple years really going back to the Super Bowl year. How much do you guys look at that and try to figure out why this keeps happening, or do you just chalk it up to it’s a violent sport? (Reuben Frank)

DOUG PEDERSON: You have to look at a lot of things. As a coach and as a team, as an organization, you want to be playing deep into either the post-season or the Super Bowl every year. That’s every team’s goal and dream and aspiration to start the season.

In our last couple years we’ve played into February and then well into January, and it’s a lot of games and it’s a lot of wear and tear on bodies. These types of things are going to happen.

The amount of contact and the amount of collisions and things that go on, not only during the week but also during the course of a game, are unbelievable. I know you guys sit way up there and eat your hot dogs and diet Coke’s, but if you were on the field listening to the collisions and the things these guys go through, that’s why I appreciate what every player does. Injury is part of it.

It sounds like kind of an asshole/snarky comment, like “you didn’t play the game” and blah blah, but if you watched the presser video, it didn’t come off that bad, at least in my opinion. Maybe a little sardonic, but not super-malicious.

Friday, then, Jeff McLane told Doug Pederson that it looks like “he’s been enjoying some hot dogs” as part of a loose discussion that went like this:

McLane: “You look like you’ve been enjoying some hot dogs.”

Pederson: “My weight’s down, bro. I’m like a fat man on a see-saw, always down.”

Pretty good stuff! I enjoyed the exchange and would like to see more banter like this moving forward.

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8 Responses

  1. Bwanks actually picked the Eagles to cover Sunday. He must’ve been hitting the eggnog pretty hard at the CB christmas party

  2. Sounds like Jeff McLane didn’t learn his lesson from the last time when old man Les Bowen popped him in the face.

  3. I used to end my 4th grade papers with this statement: I enjoyed the exchange and would like to see more banter like this moving forward.

  4. Kink! Brilliant idea for a piece, you should investigate where your boy Wanker mastered the mental gymnastics necessary to call a 7-6 week against the spread an 11-5 week!

    The dude is straight up lying about his jumbers, it’s kind of pathetic.

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