Let’s get it back to the Eagles. If you were looking for some good news from the current team to pop up and overshadow former running back Correll Buckhalter’s legal issues or Alshon Jeffery’s assignment to injured reserve, this isn’t it.

Not good. In a league under constant scrutiny for how it handles head injuries, Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill’s admission is sure to put yet another negative spotlight on the NFL’s concussion protocol. Now, advocates for changing said protocol will likely point to this as an example that the system can be manipulated and is therefore in need of change. What exactly that change would entail remains to be seen.

The fact is Grugier-Hill not only lied to get back into the Miami game, but didn’t seek medical help or admit to lying until Thursday of that week. Should the Eagles fine or suspend him? I know the vast majority of fans will say no, but the NFL might need to step in on this one and make an example if for no other reason than to give the media the impression they take concussions seriously.