ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown Will Be at Xfinity Live! This Weekend

Photo by Melissa Rawlins / ESPN Images

For just the fourth time in the history of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, the show is going on the road. This Sunday, the three-hour NFL pregame show will come to the nation live from the stage at Xfinity Live! ahead of this weekend’s NFC East Clash between the Eagles and Cowboys.

An official statement from ESPN read as follows:

“With the playoffs on the line this week in Philadelphia, there is nowhere we would rather be on Sunday morning,” said Matthew Garrett, ESPN coordinating producer. “We have taken Countdown on the road to some of the NFL’s biggest matchups in recent years and this Cowboys-Eagles rivalry game certainly fits that bill. The passion of Eagles fans is extraordinary and we can’t wait to put it on display this Sunday at Xfinity Live!”

The show will be open to the public. Sam Ponder will host with analysts Tedy Bruschi, Matt Hasselbeck, Randy Moss, Rex Ryan, and Louis Riddick will all be present in Philly, while insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter will be based out of ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut studio.

Per ESPN, Countdown‘s first-ever regular season road show was back in 2016 and took place from Chapultepec Park in Mexico City ahead of Monday Night Football. In 2017, the show was aired out of Pittsburgh ahead of a clash with the Patriots that would determine the top seed in the AFC Playoffs, while 2018 saw a French Quarter-based show ahead of an undefeated LA Rams squad taking on the Saints.

How big of a deal is the show in the age of cord-cutting? Through 15 weeks, Countdown is averaging 1,325,000 viewers, which is up nine percent season-to-date.

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21 Responses

  1. I just hope that the drunken idiots, who’ve in the past have given Philly fans a bad name, are kept as far away from Xfinity live as possible.

  2. “Can’t wait for the next Press Row show!”

    Will Bob Mush Wankel soon end his prognostications? Seems the rotund guy Philip with the lousy soccer picks threw in the towel and called it a day.

    1. Not according to gambling expert, bwanks!! Wonder what Russ thinks about the game. Since he bricked an 0-3 night on the Sixers last night I know everyone is lined up waiting for his advice!!

  3. Lotta hype for a game between two bad teams vying for the right to be demolished and humiliated on a national stage by either the 49ers or the Sea Hawks.

    1. Hey! Don’t you know that once you get into the playoffs, anything can happen!! Just ask me about it and I’ll cry on air like a baby

      1. You’re right. The space between Sea and Hawks means obviously the 7-7 Eagles are a great team.

  4. This Birds Cowboys money line is insane. Started at 2.5, went to 1.5, then up to 3.5 , then a pick em, now back to 1.5.

    Thank you Cuz for keeping us updated.

  5. I was lucky enough to get 2 of the Cuz’s early money lines for this Eagles game. Thank you Cuz.

    We all love you so much!

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