Get Pumped: Phillies Reportedly Bringing Back Andrew Knapp

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When it rains, it pours!

Fresh off one of the worst Eagles performances of all time and eternity, the Phillies have reportedly decided to bring back “fan favorite” backup catcher Andrew Knapp, and I when I say “fan favorite,” I mean he’s universally disliked:

You’ve got the best catcher in baseball in front of him, so that’s something positive to think about. And Knapp has minor league options remaining, so there’s another positive. The Phils really do not have much in the pipeline at catcher outside of Deivy Grullon, hence another deal with Knapp, I guess. They can still go out and find another backup if they’d like, since Knapp will be earning close to the league minimum while active rosters expand to 26 players in 2020.

Knapp hit .213 last year with a .642 OPS, which was not ideal. He mustered eight RBI in 160 plate appearances.

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7 Responses

  1. Remember when I hit .150 with 8 RBI in 121 AB back in `97? Perspective, people.

    Although I also caught both ends of a double-header once, so I was more valuable than this mustached piece of shit.

  2. Well….somebody has to be in charge of raining sunflower seeds down on players who actually, y’know….contribute. Knapp provides a valuable motivational service in the dugout.

  3. What is very annoying about this guy is the way he swings from the heels on every pitch, as if he’s a 30 HR guy. What did he hit, one HR last year? Maybe he might get a few hits if he cut down on his swing. Doubtful but maybe. When he is playing it’s 2 automatic outs at the bottom of the line up.

  4. Yes, Klentak is a real genius. Amazing that that he’s supposedly driven by analytics when you look at some of his decisions. Why after several years at the helm have we had little if any left handed starting pitching? What analytics support having Knapp? God help us if Realmuto gets injured, needs to be rested more often or decides not to re-sign.

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