How to Help Big Daddy Graham With His Rehab and Recovery

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Saw this on Twitter for the first time today. There’s a GoFundMe page set up for Big Daddy Graham if you’d like to help out with his rehab and recovery.

The 94 WIP overnight host went in for emergency care back in July as the result of a spinal bleed. Now he’s paralyzed from the waist down and currently getting around in a wheelchair.

Here’s the blurb from the fundraiser page:

Dear friends, family, business associates, and fans of Big Daddy Graham:

We, the Friends of Big Daddy (Joe Conklin, Spins Nitely, and Mike Romano), are starting this gofundme page to raise money to cover some of the medical expenses Big Daddy has and will incur which are not covered by insurance and in which we think everyone who knows and loves Big Daddy would want to share.  Specifically, the fund proceeds will be used, at a minimum, for a wheelchair accessible van and a healthcare aid to assist Big Daddy in his home.  Obviously, the cost of these items exceeds the goal amount but it is our intention to contribute as much as we can to a man who has given a lot to the community in his over 40 years of entertaining and fundraising.

Thank you so much for the support!

There are some premium items listed below that blurb for donors who would like to contribute a certain dollar amount.

They are:

$10,000: Big Daddy will cook you a scrapple breakfast

$5000: Dinner with Big Daddy and Joe Conklin at the Chophouse in Voorhees, NJ

$1000: A drink at every Sea Isle bar in one happy hour.

Cohost a podcast with BDG

$250: 4 tickets to Two Funny Philly Guys at the Broadway Theater in Pitman, NJ (2-15-20)

$100: “Wake up I’m horny” t-shirt

$100: Autographed Hat…  No, you’re in the running for a hat!

Here’s the link one more time if you’d like to help out:

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  1. Maybe he and the dog can go around in the donated mystery van and solve things that people hate.

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