Jerry Jones Doesn’t Like Radio Guy’s Attitude

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones hopped on the radio today but didn’t seem to be in a great mood. Don’t blame him, since he’s watched his team fall to 6-7 after losing three straight games.

He was a little snippy with the hosts:

“Do you understand bullshit?” 

I guess the call dropped, from what I’m reading, then he called back in and finished the show. But I like this side of Jerry Jones and would like to see more of it.

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13 Responses

  1. I’m sure our local choices aren’t much better, but can there be a bigger duo of toolbags than those in that promotional photo? Even their show title makes “Ellis in the Evenings” look like a stroke of genius.

    1. The comments are off, I wonder why? Well anyway, do yourself and your family a favor, fade everyone of his picks and you’ll have christmas paid for for the next three years. A few weeks ago he released 7 picks for the weekend. If you faded all of his picks, you would’ve went 7-0!

      1. Will take the bait on this. The record of every game I’ve posted this season in NFL/NCAA is 40-30-1 ATS (57.1%). Each post is still on the site. If you factor in any totals “leans,” which are 12-12 ATS, that’s 52-42-1 ATS (55.3%). I’m not claiming to be an expert, nor am I selling you anything, so I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, but that’s fine. As for these picks–yeah, I mean–they might lose. All of them. Fade them or follow them–it doesn’t really matter to me. Hope everybody that plays any of the games does well this weekend either way. Best of luck.

        1. I’ll take the bait on this…

          “I’m not claiming to be an expert, nor am I selling you anything”

          What the hell do you think you’re doing when you’re writing up these bloated picks articles? Or the website as a whole is doing when you hucksters (being you, Kyle and Russ Soy) blitz your audience DAILY with betting ads or advice? You dopes are selling gambling and then you’ve got the nerve to pretend you’re not?

          Like, for real, you come across as a smug know it all in enough of your work, don’t act like we’re idiots who can’t see that all this site has become is a gambling addicts wanted ad.

          1. Got the nerve? People read the posts–for free–and have the ability to not read them if they’d like. The posts do good traffic and the site is filled is with non-gambling content on a daily basis.

            As for the smug part—-I truly don’t mean to come off that way, so if I do, I’ll take your comment into consideration moving forward.

  2. Erskin picked the eagles!! He’s picked them every week because they’re the best team in the league. Eagles undefeated BABY!!!

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