Joe Girardi Does Philadelphia Eagles Hype Video

via NBC Sports Philadelphia

Get hyped for your 5-7 Philadelphia Eagles as they host the 2-10 New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Eli Manning returns to Philadelphia in what should be a barn burner, an instant classic between two NFC East behemoths.

New Phillies manager Joe Girardi will make you want to run through a wall, or headbutt your neighbor, or whatever quirky line we’re now using when writing these kinds of stories:

It’s a good message, if we’re being honest, but the delivery leaves something to be desired. Joe has been here for something like five minutes and hasn’t even managed a baseball game yet, so it’s interesting to see him appear in a pump up video for another team.

But hey, maybe the Birds get motivated. Maybe they shrug off the three-game losing streak and hammer Eli into the turf tonight. Perhaps this is the beginning of a run that leads to a division title.

We’re gonna find out later.

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5 Responses

  1. When more than half of you said, ill take mediocrity for 10 years, just win me one title. Well you got that wish!

    Secondly, remember 2017 when the people in this town who actually follow football said:

    “there is nothing more to fear, than a QB, who has nothing left to prove”

    AKA: Eli Manning tonight

    Giants by 10.

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