Kevin Durant Met with Union Ownership in Chester

Image via Twitter (@MLSist)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Kevin Durant was in Chester meeting with the Philadelphia Union. You read that correctly. Yes I’m sure. Still don’t believe me? What do you want, a photo?


Yes, friends, that’s 10-time NBA All-Star, 4-time scoring champion, and 2-time NBA champion Kevin Durant walking with Philadelphia Union owner Jay Sugarman and head coach Jim Curtin. Major kudos to Pablo Maurer for putting this together.

As the tweet says, a source familiar with Durant’s dealings says the talks are in the “early stages, still figuring out everyone’s level of interest.” The Union’s official statement said, “We entertained 35 Ventures for a meeting with Union Ownership.”

Now, does it make sense for both sides? The simple answer is yes. For the Union, having Kevin Durant’s name associated with the team in any way is a massive win for the organization.

Does it make sense for Durant? In theory, yes.

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With waterfront development planning in the works, perhaps Sugarman and company will offer Durant a piece of whatever they’ll be rolling out. Snide remarks about the state of Chester, the disingenous promises of development of the past, and the apparent lack of progress in the area, it’s still waterfront property with easy access to the bridge and I-95.

Even if the waterfront development isn’t of the utmost importance to Durant there’s another set of circumstances in play. The rumored possibility of the team eventually moving out of Chester and closer to the city makes the potential value of the franchise increase considerably.

Additionally, there have been rumors for years that Jay Sugarman will only remain the owner of the Union until MLS expansion is over. With the announcement of Charlotte as the 30th club, we could be at that moment. Perhaps Durant looks to buy a portion of the Union with eventual plans to take over as the majority owner, with day-to-day responsibilities falling to those in the know.

Speaking of the team, they’re coming off the most successful season in the club’s history, with a record-setting regular season and first home playoff victory. Things are trending in the right direction under Sporting Director Ernst Tanner. Adding an international superstar as an owner of any investment would make the decade of supporting the team worth it.

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