Kyle Lowry Tells Heckler to “Come See Me”

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Looked for the video of this “incident” from last night but I don’t think it exists.

Philly native and NBA champion Kyle Lowry apparently shared some words with a heckler when leaving the court at the Wells Fargo Center, as documented by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps:

As Lowry exited the court, he yelled several times at a heckling fan, “Come see me!” Lowry, who was born and raised in North Philadelphia and went to Villanova, was lighthearted about the incident in the locker room and said he wasn’t surprised that fans would be giving a hard time to someone from the city like he is.

“No. It’s Philadelphia. I respect it,” Lowry said.

“When I come home, I’m going to be there, so if they’ve got a problem, they can find me,” he added with a smile, followed by a laugh.

So not much of a situation at all. Just a light exchange of words. A brief kerfluffle.

I’m more interested in whether or not Philadelphia claims Kyle Lowry, or what what degree. It seems like he fits the bill on paper, doesn’t it? Grew up in North Philly, went to Cardinal Dougherty and Villanova, won himself a ring. We should be celebrating him, as Kyle does. Kyle thinks he’s the best player of all time.

But I think some of the flopping and faking hurts his credibility here, plus the fact that his Raptors team knocked out the Sixers last year, so maybe the love is not as universal as it would be for somebody else.

Either way, here’s the video for delivery and body language context:


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  1. Will there be a CB xmas party this year, like the one before, where Kyle tries to sell tickets but nobody shows up? says:

    should you be folding t shirts for Kylee, Kink-O?

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