New York Daily News Back Page: “Picture from Hell”

Give us all of your New Yorkers.

We’ll take Joe Girardi, Didi Gregorius, and Zack Wheeler. And then we’re gonna get John Middleton’s trophy back.

Check out the New York Daily News back page sports cover:

I also appreciate the “back to reality” graphic at the top, which reads, “Giants return to shambles of 2019 season.”

But yeah, the Phillies introduced Gregorius and Wheeler Monday, the day after a big Eagles win, which means nobody was watching the stream. They spoke for about 20 minutes alongside Girardi and general manager Matt Klentak, who said “I don’t know for certain we don’t add another starter… we have a long way to go before spring training. It’s possible that we will.”

They need another starter, for sure. Let’s get out there and get it done. #DoTheDeal

Full presser video:

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4 Responses

  1. Could have cropped out these three guys and just had Klentak in the picture and used the same headline for the Philly Daily News.

  2. i mean i could see that headline working if it was Gleyber and Degrom sitting next to Girardi, but Didi and Wheeler? More fake news from the MSM

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