NFL Releases Playoff Hype Video, Excludes Eagles and Vikings

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Good morning. The NFL hates us. Yesterday the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE released a playoff hype video. Swell, right? Not if you’re a fan of the Eagles or Vikings.

The video starts in a tunnel with a quick-cut montage of Saints QB Drew Brees, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Houston WR DeAndre Hopkins, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, 49ers QB Jimmy Garapapapappapaapappapapalo, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. We’re then treated to a lovely fan montage featuring Chiefs fans on horseback, Ravens fans on a subway, a gospel choir, Patriots gear donning members of the Boston fire department, Patriots QB Tom Brady, dirtbikes doing wheelies, more horses, a Seahawks fan painting her nails, a 49ers flag being draped from a window, some backyard football clips, the gamewinning touchdown celebration from Newtown HS winning the state title on the 7th anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting (a very cool addition), more dirtbikes, who dat nation, Texans QB Deshaun Watson, a Packers fan, Tennessee Titans fans (first appearance related to the team 49 seconds into a 59 second video), two Buffalo Bills players (50 second mark treatment), Mahomes again, a Ravens fan kid, Niners fans, Neiko Thorpe of the Seahawks, a possibly-concussed Julian Edelman, and a “Playoffs are Here” graphic.

59 seconds. 0 Eagles. I don’t even like Minnesota, but zero seconds for them. The video roughly breaks down like this:

  • Niners: 7 seconds
  • Saints: 7 seconds
  • Ravens: 7 seconds
  • Seahawks: 5 seconds
  • Chiefs: 5 seconds
  • Patriots: 4 seconds
  • Packers: 3 seconds
  • Texans: 3 seconds
  • Titans: 1 second
  • Bills: .5 second
  • Eagles: 0 seconds
  • Vikings: 0 seconds

My outrage meter is somewhere around a 6.5/10 on this one, but maybe I’m overreacting. What say you?


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  1. I mean do they blow more than the Titans or Bills? I think not. But maybe its bulletin board shit.

  2. Once again, CB is late to the party

    This was picked up by other outlets yesterday.

    Vikings fans were all over it as early as last weekend

    Wake me up in 2020.

  3. The weirdest thing is the guy that directed it is a huge Eagles fan and is the same guy that directed the Maybe Next Year documentary about the Eagles

    1. She was on. Now, the lighting, sound and content are worse than a high school play production (not to mention Missinelli is an idiot), but DAMN she has hit the wall…. HARD.

  4. They are only putting teams on it who actually have a shot at doing anything in the playoffs

    Any Sixers picks?

  5. If the Eagles need to use this for motivation, Seattle comes in and wins by 30. Hype videos are for the weak.

    1. Seattle was a +7 point differential for the entire season……all but one win was by 7 points or less…get a clue

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