On WIP Morning Show, Ray Didinger Asks Lenny Dykstra for $7,000 He Claims He’s Owed

This morning the Delaware Valley was treated to a comedic train wreck of a discussion between 94 WIP host Angelo Cataldi and former Phillie Lenny Dykstra, which progressed into a Ray Didinger query regarding money still (reportedly) owed by Nails.

Background, I think, is that the morning show was discussing Zack Wheeler and looking for players with both a New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies connection to share their insight. Dykstra fits the description, so he called in and opened up by referring to Ray Didinger as a “painful dude” before trying to pimp his new podcast.

Here’s the first half of the discussion:

Dykstra: I was listening to that painful dude, I want to take a Xanax man. What were you guys talking about, wide receivers?

Cataldi: He is one of the legendary football analysts in America, Lenny.

Dykstra: Right, and legendary pain, too.

Cataldi: What do you know about that?

Dykstra: Let’s talk about my podcast buddy, “Pawning Nails.” But Angelo I think you’re still a little upset with me because I called you out on the fact that you (don’t know anything) about baseball.

Cataldi: You didn’t call me out on anything, I’m not even aware of that. I’m embarrassed about the way you’ve performed your life since you left baseball. I’m embarrassed for you and what you represented in this city.

Dykstra: Here’s the only problem with it, you don’t know the facts.

Cataldi: Oh I don’t know the facts.

Dykstra: What you do is you’ve masqueraded around for what, 20-30 years doing the same thing.

Cataldi: You’re a con man, you understand you’re a con man?

Dykstra: When you came in the locker room, you wanted to talk about baseball, and I said, ‘how are we going to talk about baseball? you don’t know anything about it’

Cataldi: I don’t know anything about baseball? What do you know about finance? How about the people that lost money because you were a con man as a financial analyst. What do you want to say about that Lenny?

The conversation turns into Lenny talking about having a letter from the SEC absolving him of wrongdoing. Then Cataldi shouts at him about being in prison. Dykstra says “it’s all over for you” and then the phone call ends, with Ray Didinger going on to claim that Nails owes him $7,000 for unpaid work.

Listen to the first part of the trainwreck here…

And then Lenny actually calls back to talk about the money owed to Didinger, some of which I’ve transcribed here:

Didinger: Yeah, I was just going to ask you, where’s my $7,000?

Dykstra: Uh, who are you Ray?

Didinger: I’m Ray Didinger, a writer here in Philadelphia, and I wrote two stories for your magazine, The Player, back in the day.

Dykstra: Ah yeah you used to sit at my locker and beg me for stories, I remember that.

Didinger: No, I don’t ever remember begging.

Dykstra: Okay maybe not begging, but asking for stories.

Lenny goes on to ask him for a signed document, and then Cataldi calls him an embarrassment again before hanging up.

It was… something else, the conversation. We’ll have to see if Ray ever gets that $7,000 he’s reportedly owed.

Second part of the audio:


Nails has provided, via Twitter, the aforementioned letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission:

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17 Responses

  1. Would shock me if Lenny paid ray in coke . Kind of like that wrestling promoter did with rowdy piper & ric flair for a gig in the early 80’s

    1. Angelo Cataldi is destroying that train wreck of a morning show by a huge margin.

      Look it up for yourself, you’ll see.

          1. “They love me, they respect me, they saw something in me….I raised John Chaney….I raised Bill Cosby….only Wilt Chamberlain and me played above the rim”

  2. If only there was some middle ground between the morning shows. One is a middle school lunch table and the other is an AARP moan fest.

  3. Ray Diddy picked the Eagles to beat the Giants 28-14!!!!
    He is a genius he has picked the Eagles EVERY week this season except the Green Bay game. He has been right every game, that is why they are 11-1.
    Have you ever seen an “expert” analyst and Hall of Famer be more wrong over the years about the team he covers?
    This fool Didinger picks them to win 14 or 15 games every year.

  4. Lenny Dykstra will be in the crowd for my big performance January 19th at Toms Bar with Middle Class. See the rest of you there as well.

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