Oskar Lindblom to Miss Rest of Season After Cancer Diagnosis

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Sad news from the Flyers on a Friday afternoon:

Lindblom was in the midst of his best professional season and tied for the team lead with 11 goals.

Ewing’s sarcoma is extremely rare, a cancer that forms in and around bones. There’s no information right now on whether they caught this early or late, or what stage the cancer is currently in, so it’s probably irresponsible to do any speculation on anything regarding that. Hopefully we’ll get an update after doctors do that additional testing next week, as noted in the statement.

But it’s a huge bummer for a good dude who was playing extremely well. He’s only 23 years old, and if you type his name into the Twitter bar you’ll see a bunch of positive personal stories from people who have spent time around him. Spare a thought for Oskar and his family.

More on the cancer here:

Ewing’s sarcoma


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  1. I was diagnosed with a soft tissue Sarcoma at age 33. Was in good shape, played basketball, ate healthy. I was also treated by Sarcoma specialists at Penn and can honestly say Lindblom is in the best city and health system in the country- I would get chemo next to patients that would fly in from all over the world. Mark Herzlich, ex- linebacker for the NYG, and Conestoga grad is also a Ewing’s Sarcoma survivor. Every Sarcoma survivor in this community is praying for and fighting with Lindblom!!

  2. Here’s hoping the kid recovers and gets the standing ovation Philly gave Mario Lemieux when he returned to the ice at the Spectrum after beating cancer.

  3. I’ll make the customer service interaction available to anyone who wants it. look for me on twitter.

  4. Just saying and once again thank you Howie.

  5. Blame this on the departure of Nick Foles.
    Had Nick Foles still been here, none of this would have ever occured.

    Instead, Carson gets 30 Million
    Lindbloom gets Cancer.

    And I can still only not live down things that happened 2 years ago, with completely different teams!

    When is it ever going to stop?

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